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U.S. U-20s 1, Trinidad and Tobago U-20s 0: Match Highlights


  1. I think El Salvador or Honduras will be one of our toughest challenges yet.. TBH I’m looking forward to see how Panama or Guatemala will fare against Mexico.

  2. JOB OPENING: a striker or midfielder is wanted who is capable of putting small round ball in the back of the net using only feet or head. Must be under 20. This position needs to be filled by Saturday. Please send your resume to

    • Hey, I can do that! But I am a little busy right now in Holland. Hopefully, my boys will take care of business on Saturday so I can show my stuff in New Zealand.

  3. I’ve now watched three of our U-20s games and I’ve generally been disappointed. These highlights flatter to deceive. We easily could have lost this game. That said, the terrible pitch and terrible refereeing (no surprise, CONCACAF) have been a great equalizer. Since healthy, Ben Spencer has been a starter, but I think he’s shown very little apart from the fact that he’s a big body. Otherwise, he’s very limited. I think the poor pitch has neutralized many of our skill players, hence why a guy like Spencer and a switch to 4-4-2 has been necessary. I would like to see how we perform against these teams on a better pitch — I suspect we would be much more dominant if our skill players could actually play. But in the end, I suppose both teams needed to deal with the conditions and few of our guys really coped.

    Hyndman looks a clear cut above, and I expect him to eventually be a big player for the full Nats. Likewise, Carter-Vickers looks a major prospect — shocking he’s only 17. As for the others, I don’t see too many other major contributors. Arreola’s pace makes him a possibility with time; the same goes for BJIV, but he needs some time to mature and refine. And I haven’t seen enough of Junior Flores to make a call there. The rest look fairly mediocre — even Canouse, given his impressive recent accomplishments, looked pretty pedestrian. In the end, I’m not sure I buy into the “golden generation” thing at all.

    • No love for romain gall and his five goals in this tournament?? Yet you see a future in a forward who dribbles with his head down and holds the ball to long. BJIV ‘s goal did offer a little breathing room

      • “Aruba and Jamaica games”??

        Aruba and Jamaica were very, very bad teams.

        It would be very foolish to read too much into the US’ display against them other than the fact that the team displayed admirable character, discipline and focus in getting their much needed points against them in less than ideal conditions

        Hyndman will very probably be a pro, maybe even a top flight one.

        He has already been capped by JK and is the only one of the Under 20’s who might maybe be capped by JK in the near future.

        After him, it would only be sensible to wait for a couple of years to see if any of these guys ever become top flight professionals. Or at least wait until the Under 20 World Cup and see how these guys stack up against the best kids in the world.

        And even then Freddy Adu was a monster all through the various Under-whatever teams and has proven to be a less than stellar professional.

  4. There was some confusion about the rules and seeding of this tournament, but it’s down to USA v El Salvador on Saturday. Winner goes to New Zealand this summer. Mexico and panama are already qualified and play in the finals.

    Junior Flores was injured earlier in the tournament and we are lucky he made such a quick recovery.

      • Good call, USA will dominate either team and come away with the win. It doesn’t matter though, as long as they advance, and add some pieces and go do some damage in New Zealand this summer.

      • El Salvador looked like the better team for long stretches against Mexico. A goalkeeping error and subsequent breakdown over the next 5 minutes killed them in that game, but not a squad the US can take lightly.

      • Don, ain’t that the truth, but hopefully no USA team is taking any opponent lightly. Honduras aside, Mexico might be the one team elsalvador gets up for more than the USA. And an El Salvador team did knock a recent youth team out of a world cup I believe.

        That said, I expect a larger margin of victory over el sal than what Mexico put on them. This team is starting to find a little stride and let’s see if the team looks their best in the last game. That would be a real positive to ride into New Zealand.

      • I hope so, but I would not wager that we beat El Salvador by more than two goals. These fields alone make it tough to score goals, much less any opposition.

  5. I wonder why Ramos is limiting Flores’ minutes so much? Doubt it is for tactical reasons. Could be limitations influenced by Dortmund. Could be something else… Either way, he seems to be the class of the team along with Hyndman.

  6. watched the whole game… more of the same… little creativity in the final 1/3 and many chances created were wasted. Can’t see this run lasting much longer

  7. Sometimes a 1 nil win is gotten by squeaking by, sometimes it is an inevitable conclusion. I think this game was closer to the later.

    bJIV needs a little more strength on the ball, and he needs to learn to get rid of the ball quicker. Like lothar mathias said to the guy from Goal, not so many touches. It will help when he learns to dribble with his head up. His goal was well taken, and his interview shows he has a good head on his narrow shoulders. As they broaden, so might his game.

    Roman gall is the real deal

    Emerson is a baller, he had a so so game, and he needs to work on his lateral vision. It will be interesting to see how he and the new guy will play together, if this group can manage a win against El Salvador.

    Panama is a good team, and so is Mexico. Guatemala gave panama a good game, and El Salvador lost to Mexico 3-1. We can understand more after Saturday’s playoff.

    • It looked like we had a ton of chances and they held on desperately, but that as time wore and they needed a win and maybe GD to advance, they left themselves vulnerable to what finally happened.


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