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Evening Ticker: CONCACAF backs winter World Cup; top FIFA official cleared of wrongdoing; and more

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Count CONCACAF among those in support of having the 2022 World Cup held in the winter.

On the heels of the suggestion by a FIFA task force to hold the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in the winter months, CONCACAF came out and gave a public vote of approval for the move. CONCACAF, whose leagues should not be affect by the change should it come to fruition, cited safety as the main reasoning for its backing of a proposal that would see the tournament played in November-December of 2022.

“Considering the welfare of our players and fans as the main priority, CONCACAF fully supports the recommendation made by the special task force to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar in the November-December timeframe,” the federation said in a statement. “Ultimately, the decision to hold the event in winter shall be ratified in Zurich on the 19th and 20th of March, after a thorough analysis by FIFA’s Executive Committee.”

Not short on controversy, the 2022 World Cup has long been rumored to be played in the winter due to Qatar’s soaring temperatures in the summer months.

Here’s are more notes and news items from around the world of soccer:


In more World Cup news, a top FIFA official has been cleared of wrongdoing in the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding processes.

Belgian doctor Michel D’Hooghe, who is FIFA’s longest-standing executive committee member, was not convicted of misconduct on any of the four allegations against him. FIFA said the judging chamber was “satisfied” and that no further investigation was needed.

The Belgian had been given a painting by a former board colleague from Russia, the country that won the rights to the 2018 World Cup. FIFA, however, has determined through two appraisals that the painting has “no commercial value” and was offered as a friendly gesture. The sport’s governing body also dismissed claims about D’Hooghe helping his son get a job at a medical center in Qatar, host of the 2022 tournament.

D’Hooghe had denied any wrongdoing throughout the ordeal.


Harry Redknapp recently stepped down as Queens Park Rangers manager due to health problems, but he is already targeting his return.

Currently recovering from persistent knee issues, Redknapp is looking to return to the sidelines next season. The 67-year-old Redknapp believes the health problems that forced him to end his tenure with QPR earlier this month will be resolved soon, and he intends to begin looking for possible coaching vacancies that he could fill this summer.

“I’ll be looking to get back in next season,” Redknapp told Sky Sports News. “The offseason comes and then I’ll be looking to work somewhere because I love it. I’ve got nothing else in my life really. I’m useless around the house and football is what I love. I still feel as good as I’ve ever felt.

“My knee will be sorted out in a week or two so I’ll be ready to go again, and I’m looking forward to that.”


Agree with CONCACAF’s stance regarding the 2022 World Cup? What do you think of FIFA’s decision to clear D’Hooghe of any wrongdoing? Where could you see Redknapp coaching?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Qatar is only probably one of the most progressive countries in the Middle East. They are a tight ally of the USA, yet we have American fans talking about this country as if it is ISIS or something. It’s down right shameful, and I want to say this with full vigor.

    News flash: chuck blazer during his time as head of CONCACAF, probably stole more money from the same people who were proportedly paid by qatar.

    And worker deaths in Qatar, they are on par with worker deaths in the home country where these people are coming from, with the exception of Nepal, whose citizens are not use to working in the oppressive heat of the desert, but when the Nepalese minimum wage is 40 cents a hour, it might be worth it for them.

    • Qatar is only probably one of the most progressive countries in the Middle East.
      And the one-eyed man is the king of the blind. Wahhabi Sunni Islam is the state sponsored religion.

    • Allegedly CONCACAF didn’t pay taxes for 10 years.

      Haven’t seen anythying on SBI about it, but the story is out there.

    • Your post defending Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers is completely tone deaf. It is worth for these poor Nepalese to be treated like slaves and die from abuse in Qatar, because Nepal has a low wage rate, really?

    • Qataris an oil rich country with a relatively sophisticated ruling class and financial system. The comparison to dirt poor third world countries is inopposite, and there’s no reason to have these deaths occur

    • Dikranovich, I’ve been to Qatar a few times within the past 5 years. Them being an ally of the US is simply financial (we pay a LOT for those bases there). In fact the Qataris tolerate us being there and we bend over backwards for them. Qatar blatantly sponsors Hamas, the Emir of Qatar simply said they see them as freedom fighters and will continue to support them. Now this may not be the place to discuss global politics; but the U.S. designates Hamas as a terrorist organization, like Barney the Dinosaur used to say “2+2 is 4”

      I had to check the source of that claim about the worker deaths in Qatar as being comparable to their home country. The deaths are on par with all deaths; natural causes, accidents, crime, etc. not deaths solely related to work/operational hazards. Come on 1 death every 2 days is the rate of worker deaths in Qatar… to build Stadiums and infrastructure for crying out loud?! STADIUMS! There is no way to rationalize that!

      • Buddy, if you think there is only one death every two days in India, then you are really being obnoxious. Isn’t the emir of Qatar a doctor with a degree from Oxford or something. I really think you are misrepresenting your side and frankly all your qualifiers don’t mean squat. You don’t want to support your national team because it doesn’t feel right. It’s all BS. And I can’t get over the fact that you need the more competitive game and higher quality that champions league brings, what a bunch of balony. You are worse than a Eurosnob. No need to qualify your comments with where you have been or what you have done. It’s all BS

      • So great, the Emir of Qatar is educated and stupid. There’s no need to qualify my views, these are my opinions that I put out there to add to the conversation. The 1 death every 2 days were Nepalese workers (sorry that definitely didn’t read right). You seem like a fairly logical guy, I don’t know how you can defend Qatar? Is it the blatant support for the NT that the show must go on no matter what? Aren’t these legitimate questions and criticisms that people raise? What was your reaction when Qatar was selected? And Eurosnob? Ha! Can a Eurosnob enjoy MLS too, that would rip a hole in the space/time vortex lol. I hope you enjoy Qatar, horrible traffic and the arrogance of the Qataris. Gladly cut you in line at the grocery store because, hey they’re Qatari. Don’t drink (except at the Sheraton, which is nicely designed building) don’t publicly show affection to your gf, don’t show any tattoos, and definitely don’t be gay there! These aren’t the writings of a xenophobic Eurosnob; but just a few observations on human rights and human nature that must be toned down when visiting fabulous Qatar. Go to Dubai instead!

      • You want logic? Explain what happens when the World Cup is taken away from qatar. What happens to the migrant workers, are they going to all of a sudden be better off because they are out of a job? Probably not all of the 1.5 mil plus, but a good percentage of them. Are these migrant workers better off or worse off if the World Cup is taken away from Qatar?

      • Nothing happens if the WC is taken away from Qatar to be honest. What happened when FIFA awarded Qatar with the WC was it revved up and expedited all the projects that were already in store. Qatar has been imitating the development of a resort paradise like Dubai over the past 10-15 years.Like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Qatar knows it has nothing really to offer after oil. Their oil reserves are dwindling fast and that is why they are attempting to transition to these resort, entertainment, shopping destinations. With that said the Kafala system is just dead wrong in terms of human rights/worker rights, this is from my experience talking to people there and I know you don’t care about where I’ve been but that interaction left a strong impression on me. If the WC is taken from Qatar tomorrow, they’ll shrug it off demand compensation from FIFA and then press on with what’s been going on there before the spotlight shifted on them. So in your viewpoint, what are the advantages of hosting a tournament in Qatar?

      • grant, im not sure you really answered the question about whether migrant workers would be better off or worse off if the world cup were taken away. the Qatar world cup is shining a light on systems like kalifa and that light is having an impact on the system itself. you really cant implicate the system without understanding the history. you have been there, you probably understand the history of this little country.

        in soccer terms, an Asian world cup has been an advantage for the USA in the past. breaking up the old rotation of every other world cup being held in Europe is a huge advantage. playing in the desert is an inherent advantage for a country whose soccer “hot spots” are in areas with similar conditions. where would you rather play England, in Qatar, or Australia? in Qatar its an epic game, advantage, USA, in Aussie, its a huge game, advantage England.

      • Lol we’ve taken over this thread brother! I can no longer reply to you, so I’ll reply to my thread in response to your last. If the WC was taken away I can’t say it would be better or worse. I imagine it would essentially stay the same. There are a lot of injustices in the world and like you said the WC put the spotlight on Qatar. Understand the Kafala system isn’t just used by Qatar; rather it’s systemic throughout the GCC. So again stripping the WC will probably not improve migrant worker’s rights.

        Now in terms of soccer. I preferred Australia over the US and Qatar. I’ve never been there but have heard nothing but good to great things! Imagine most of the tournament would be on the coasts where 80-90% of the population lives. Weather would be wintertime there so it’ll be an adjustment, however it was Winter in Brazil during WC 2014 but I was still walking around in shorts. You’re right the US has done horribly in Euro WCs (Italy, France, Germany) but with this era, the US has played friendlies in Europe more than I can remember and have gotten some decent results; so you never.

  2. frankly I am so fed up with the whole Qatar situation I’m going to ignore that wc. As far as I’m concerned, there is no wc in 2022.

    • I understand that, but attending every WC was a way of supporting my team and the International game. However, as I stated in the other thread, the International game has lost it’s appeal to me. I enjoy club football more and the 2022 WC just “kool-aid man” its way in and disrupts that season. It’s seven years away but the VP of FIFA already said the European clubs will receive no compensation. It’s very disrespectful in anyway you look at it.

      • You also said something about the U.S. team not being American enough for you, and to me, there is a contradiction with this thinking, when you are so supportive of European leagues and their well being.

      • I mentioned that the current NT doesn’t feel like “Ours”. In years past a lot of the players were bled-in together and went through adversity together and that culminated in representing the full NT at a WC together. We’d watch them come up through the ranks together and develop a bond with them. I think that’s what the NT identity was; hard working, physically strong and stubborn in defense. This current NT feels artificial, as if it’s been pieced together from stop-gaps here and there in hopes to change the play style. Can’t question their “American-ness” they have the passport to prove they’re citizens; but is it that simple?

        I support all football leagues really, even MLS. I just enjoy highly competitive matches with the highest caliber players. The UCL offers that year in and out the WC rather you get timid play and negative football hoping for a penalty shoot out.

  3. Let’s go to Russia and then to Qatar with the goal of winning. Complaining about Russian tsars or wealthy sheiks, it’s a losing proposition. Beating them, that’s a winning proposition. irs really that simple.

    • I’ve been to every WC since 1990 and hoped to go to all of them until I died. I’ll be the bug on the windshield of the speeding car that is FIFA; they won’t notice nor care. But I’ll sit the next two WCs out.

    • Beating Qatar shouldn’t be a problem. This isn’t handball where they can assemble players from other countries…although the refereeing will be equally controversial.


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