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Freddy Adu signs with Finnish club Kuopion Palloseura



After months of searching for a new home, Freddy Adu has signed with Finnish top division side Kuopion Palloseura.

The Finnish club announced on Saturday that Freddy Adu inked a one-year deal. The club will be the 11th of Adu’s career. The 25-year-old will join fellow American and former New England Revolution defender Stephen McCarthy, who also signed with KuPS this year.

In February, Adu was reportedly close to signing a deal with an unknown team in Sweden’s Allsvenskan, but those talks fell through.

What do you think of Adu’s latest move? How will the midfielder fare with KuPS?

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  1. I don’t think any of us hate him, we just realize he’s pretty much a waste of time and money. Dunno why any team even bothers with this dope.

  2. I don’t get all the hate for this guy. It seems so personal and psychological. How many of your girlfriends has he slept with anyway?

  3. The Imperative Voice said:

    “Since the violent murder of his Mr. 10% hasn’t been in the news I assume all this craziness has some rationale he accepts if not directs.”

    OK I’ve officially bitten. What the heck are you talking about here?

  4. These comments and the fact he is still getting attention in the media for signing a contract in a lower level Euro first division is the reason he doesn’t come back to the US. Why didn’t Stephen McCarthy’s signing with this club get a front page article? …because he isn’t Freddy Adu. I don’t blame him; I wouldn’t want to play here either.

    • +1

      All this birth certificate crap and the hate from his “fans” is disgusting.

      If anything these people should be hatting on US soccer and MLS for the insane amount of media hype they projected onto this kid. I mean calling a 15 yr old “the next Pele” is just a ridiculous amount of unnecessary pressure.

      Keep cashin those checks Freddy!

      • +1 But don’t feel to sorry for him. The stark reality is that if you took Freddy Adu’s biography to date and removed any reference whatsoever to soccer or his involvement with the game, his life and experiences (and earnings) would still look far more impressive than most of ours. And he still has plenty of time to do more, if he likes. Or something totally different.

        Realistically, in 10 years he will probably be playing second-division football on Neptune and still getting paid handsomely for his travels… while I will be living in a shared casket in Newark and selling Funyuns at NASL games

        Freddy still has a long way to fall before that.

  5. Is this dude in drugs or something? 🙂
    What is his problem. Take him to church or something.
    The funniest and saddest outcome of his future plans might be that he ends up in ligaMX before MLS and making more money than an average DP in MLS.
    I used to to think cosmos would be an option but edu has serious grudges against MLS teams and MLS front offices.

    • Maybe if we just take the cartridge out, blow on it a couple more times, hit the reset button and than bang the console…. anything?

    • +1
      Thank you NYC. Can you believe the hating on here? If WE treat him like this, a former USMNT player, its no surprise why he is treated worse in foreign countries. wow……

      • +1. I for one just hope he gets playing time with this club and it starts him back in the right direction.

      • +1
        last I remember Freddy Adu was playing damn good against Mexico in Gold Cup final and then having a poor Gold Cup game when Bradley sent him back to Europe “as was scheduled” I don’t think he ever played himself off the national team, his struggles at club level are obvious.

    • +1
      The guy deserves some slack. So he didn’t turn out to be everything we wished he could be. Big deal. He’s a failed prodigy and the rest of the world is full of them.

      • No athlete will ever top Juwon Howard. The guy has more references than Abe Lincoln or World War I. Seriously.

      • Seriously check it out sometime. The guy has clearly hired a full-time archivist (or a family of them) to handle his Wikipedia entry. It’s exhaustive to the point where you almost forget how utterly wasteful it is. Eat your heart out, Eric Montross.

      • You were not kidding. Under Humanitarianism, it should mention that he supports euthanasia, because it makes me want to kill myself after suffering the pain of scrolling through all the drivel.

  6. I don’t remember the name Stephen McCarthy, after a wiki look up he played for the Carolina Dynamo, not Houston, Keep in mind that wiki isn’t 100% accurate either

      • Because I think the real issue in the Freddy Adu World Tour is that he is being paid more to not play in random countries then he would in MLS or NASL.

    • You say that, but your still here posting.

      As long articles with his name gets hits you’ll be seeing his name for a long time.

  7. Game Minutes vs. Bench Minutes. What’s the Over/Under spread on that?! I’ll bet more bench minutes that games minutes.

    • The average player in that league a few years ago made 24000 Euros/year which means this is likely for MLS or minor league money and perhaps out of pure stubbornness. I assume he wants a deal here for significant money without trialing. Since the violent murder of his Mr. 10% hasn’t been in the news I assume all this craziness has some rationale he accepts if not directs. Who will pay him OK to play without asking to see the goods first, perhaps. Otherwise the rational decision would be come home and sing for your supper, even trial in preseason if need be. But his saga is dripping in psychodrama. So Finland it is.


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