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Looming snow storm forces Union to postpone FC Dallas match to Saturday

PPL Park (USA TODAY Sports)


The first match of Week 3 in MLS has been postponed until 4 p.m. Saturday as weather conditions will force FC Dallas to wait to play Philadelphia Union at PPL Park.

“We had every intention to play our match as originally scheduled, but the current weather conditions will challenge the safety of our fans, players, and staff, and they always will be our first priority,” Union CEO and operating partner Nick Sakiewicz told the Philadelphia Union. “With a sunny day in the high 50s forecasted for tomorrow, we look forward to welcoming everyone to a magnificent setting at PPL Park.”

Chester, Pennsylvania, is expected to receive 2-4 inches of snow, which is expected to fall throughout the afternoon and end at 8 p.m.. Both sides decided to move the match to the afternoon Saturday.

The match was originally scheduled to air on UniMas. Because of the postponement, the match will still be televised, but it will be moved to Univision Deportes Network (UDN). Univision will also stream the game live online for free.


  1. Poppycock!

    Play the game anyway!

    Go to a Sept-May schedule!

    That’s how we do it where I come from!

    If a few lives are lost, traveling to and from the game, so be it!

    And there should be terrace standing!
    And meat pies!
    And warm beer!
    And riots!
    And pitch invasions!

    Now THAT’s proper footy culture!
    And only two teams should have a chance to win the league!

    And there should be

  2. There is no ‘Looming’ about it. It’s been snowing all day long and is supposed to go into the night, changing to sleet and freezing rain.

  3. And yet people still want MLS to move to “the FIFA calendar”. And by people I mean people who’ve never been to the northern half of the US in winter.

    • wambulance… get over it they postponed it by a day.

      my solution:
      teams that can host March games (10): orlando, vancouver, seattle, portland, san jose, la, dallas, houston, salt lake, colorado + sacramento, san antonio, miami, atlanta
      teams that can host Aug games (10): montreal, chicago, tfc, columbus, new england, new york rb, city, philly, dc, kansas + minnesota

      • Have you ever been to Salt Lake?
        This year is an anomaly, but go look at the CCL game between Columbus and RSL in 2011 and tell me that March games in Utah are a good idea.
        Or remember the USWNT game against Mexico?

      • yup I live not too far away. Colorado and Utah can be anywhere between 70 and sunny or 30 and snowy this time of year. Either way you are never a day or two away from weather good enough to play a soccer game in.

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