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Castillo, Diaz lead FC Dallas in rout of Dynamo

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo

Photo by Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports


The Texas Derby started with a three-goal bang in the first half and ended with a two-goal knockout punch in the second that saw FC Dallas take down the Houston Dynamo, 4-1.

FC Dallas came out firing in the first half with Ryan Hollingshead and David Texiera benefitting from good counter-attacking play, but Giles Barnes’ free kick made sure the game was not so far out of reach for the Forever Orange faithful at the half.

However, Oscar Pareja’s men made sure no comeback would take place at BBVA Compass Stadium. Fabian Castillo and Mauro Diaz each had a goal and two assists Friday night, which helped FC Dallas increase its win streak against their in-state rival to five.

The Dynamo have not won a Texas Derby meeting since Sept. 24, 2011.

In a sign of things to come, Tyler Deric was the first goalkeeper tested on the night. He easily controlled the Mauro Diaz chance from just outside the box after juggling the blast in the 5th minute.

Just four minutes later, Ryan Hollingshead was allowed space to attack and calmly used his left foot to drill a shot from about the same spot as Diaz past a diving Deric.

And in the 22nd minute, the visiting side claimed their second. Attacking down the right, Fabian Castillo had time to see David Texiera make a near-post run and quickly slid the ball into his path. The 24-year-old forward easily finished the chance.

Brad Davis had the Dyanmo’s first rebuttal in the 26th minute when he attempted a strike on the left. It sailed over the crossbar, but Owen Coyle’s side eventually got their goal moments later.

In the 32nd minute, Giles Barnes beautifully curled a free kick up and over the jumping Dallas wall, and although Dan Kennedy got a touch to the effort, he couldn’t stop the ball from rippling the orange net. Ten minutes later, Jermaine Taylor had the perfect opportunity to level the score when Will Bruin slipped a ball right to his feet in the penalty box, but the defender could not redirect the pass on frame.

That glimmer of hope for the Dynamo was dashed immediately in the second half. Diaz thumped the third goal of the night past Deric in the 52nd minute. Three minutes later, Kofi Sarkodie allowed Castillo to slowly make his way near the six-yard box, and the assist-man in the first half grabbed his own goal in the second — stretching the lead even more.

FC Dallas took the chance to give 17-year-old U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team midfielder Alejandro Zendejas his MLS debut in the final minutes of the win.

With the loss, Houston will hope for a quick turnaround, as they host the San Jose Earthquakes on Tuesday. FC Dallas next plays the Los Angeles Galaxy at home on May 9.


  1. Texas is giant state, with a huge soccer fan base.
    It’s embarrassing neither Dallas or Houston have 20,000 season ticket holders. Maybe they should do what nycfc has done, give some away in order to gain new fans and attention.
    As a matter of fact, both Dallas and Houston should have a 30,000 seat stadium with more or less 15,000 season ticket holders.
    It’s pathetic from both cities. Dallas should act like the kings of Texas( like the nfl cowboys do) and Houston should represent the south of texas.
    Again, Dallas name has no creativity or representation and Houston’s sounds scientific due to Nasa in Houston.
    Sooner or later Dallas needs a rebrand and a new home. will it come I don’t think so, their owner is old school and cheap. Dallas must step up and represent all texas with a sophisticated name but they also need to act like a big city team.
    Dallas united would be perfect for Dallas, but Minnesota is taking it and I’m not being a eurosnob. Dallas has a lot of suburbs and using the term united would be perfect, or go for Dallas metroplex united but to represent all the state and take full power, just go for texas republic.
    For Houston, represent south texas and don’t be like Dallas.
    As for San Antonio, they must represent San Antonio and central texas
    For Austin, they have endless possibilities due to being the capital and having UT Austin. They can have a modern team name to a mature team.

  2. How can I start with the state of texas. You know they say they have the best high school football players in texas, well I think Texas can have the best fans, the best teams and the best atmosphere in the stadium but everything is done wrong with fc Dallas and dynamo.
    Look at their names, they don’t represent nothing of their city. Both are huge soccer markets, with soccer maniacs and soccer fans from all over the world, and Texas should have a northwest feeling but everything has been done wrong.
    Let’s start with fc Dallas. Their name is pathetic and their stadium design and location is even worse. No roof cover for their fans when it rains or when the heat is over 90 degrees. They have a giant stage which makes it look MLS 1.0 and the bleachers make it look like a texas high school stadium. A Dallas team should be averaging 30,000 ,with 17 000 season ticket holders from all the surrounding areas. Their name does not represent nothing of Dallas and with a huge Latino-Hispanic population, they are definitely not doing their job. I understand Latinos -Hispanics don’t watch MLS but it’s Dallas, and they must target them. They must get a top class mexican DP or maybe 2 or 3. Dallas is missing out, I know their owner saved MLS but Dallas is a giant soccer market and needs a real owner. Will it ever change,I don’t think so but Dallas needs a type of SKC rebrand. Why not Name the team Dallas metroplex fc or Dallas toros.Dallas can actually be a Seattle without the hipsters but everything is done wrong with this team. Another name they can have is Texas republic and drop the Dallas part and represent all texas and make Houston feel like the second child. By doing that, Dallas would have to get big stars, represent texas more than any team in texas and act like a big team of MLS.
    As for Houston, their name is so non Texan. Maybe they like the sound of dynamo due to their Nasa connections in Houston but c’mon, dynamo, that’s the best you can think of. Same thing with them, their Latino-Hispanic population is too big to be put aside and not gain from it. Then you have a new stadium which was poorly design for the city of Houston, no roof like Dallas, speechless.
    What’s so hard about naming your team right for your city and fans In texas. What’s so hard about signing big mexican stars or South American In Dallas and Houston.
    At the end of the day, Austin or San Antonio will learn from their mistakes and become the most successful team in texas. If you ask me who has the most potential to be the best market in texas, I would have to say Austin.
    Austin has the fans, the atmosphere, and the city is dying for a pro sports team. If Austin gets the right owners and proper stadium location, then Austin would be an unstoppable team in terms of support and success in texas.
    I might be wrong, but How does Austin city pioneers sound or Austin republic.

    • I can’t say much for Houston, but as an FCD I do agree with some of what you said. It’s criminal that the stadium doesn’t have shading for the fans and I’ve complained about that plenty of times. The stadium location is also piss poor, it’s at least a 40 min drive from Dallas, if there’s little traffic. Building it in Frisco, a very white suburban area, guarentees you will never have the type of atmosphere you get in the northwest. The Hunt family is notoriously cheap when it comes to spending big name players and that may be the worst part about being an FCD fan. There is a huge potential for a successful soccer team in Texas and it’s a shame neither FCD or Houston has been able to tap into that.

    • The Houston Dynamo name actually does have some history behind it. There was a team in Houston from the 1980s to early 1990s named the Houston Dynamos. It folded in 1992 according to Wiki:

      I imagine that is what the current Houston Dynamo refers to. But that being said, I do wish the atmosphere and attendance was better and I would love to see Austin or San Antonio move into the MLS. Both cities already have good lower division teams.

    • For the 100th time, there wouldn’t be an MLS franchise left in Dallas without that stadium. Also, they’re sitting in first place, so they are doing something right.

      Don’t get me wrong, there is tons of room for FO improvement, but seriously? Aren’t you being just a touch dramatic? The atmosphere that has been building in Frisco is actually quite nice to see. Not to mention, the team is chalk full of South American talent that is arguable the best in the league (and youngest).

      And yes, early Friday games are hard to attend, wherever you play them.

  3. Worst defensive performance I’ve seen this year. This is including all the Games for the different teams that I’ve seen.

    I saw how there were very little fans when the game started. Now I know why.

    Owen Coyle is not having a good time right now as Head Coach.

    • San Antonio has a great shot. They are about to become the second largest city in Texas and 5th largest in the US.


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