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Herzog adds Orlando City’s Turner to U.S. U-23 roster for Toulon

Tyler Turner Orlando City 23

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Tyler Turner may have missed out on the U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team’s World Cup roster, but that will not stop him from being involved in an international tournament this summer.

U.S. Under-23 head coach Andi Herzog added Turner to the roster for the Toulon Tournament on Tuesday, rounding out the 20-man squad that will compete in France later this month. The 19-year-old fullback, who has four appearances for Orlando City this season, is expected to meet up with his American teammates on Wednesday.

Turner was constantly called up to the U.S. U-20s this cycle and was involved in World Cup qualifying earlier this year, but was not included in Tab Ramos’ final 21-man roster for the World Cup in New Zealand.

The U.S. U-23s, who are preparing for Olympic qualifying, open the Toulon Tournament against France on May 27.


What do you think of Turner being added to the U-23 roster? Expecting him to earn minutes? Think he should’ve made the U-20 World Cup squad?

Share your thoughts below.


    • You have to win the Euros to even make it to the Confed Cup.. so yeah.

      A team like Iceland or Whales could easily make it to the Euros, but you aren’t likely to see one of those teams in the Confed Cup.. so yeah.

      • Would you make the same argument about the Club World Cup being a bigger prize than the Champions League?

        At the end of the day, they are just different competitions. For a “lesser” team (such as the USA) to capture a Confed Cup title would rightfully be regarded as a huge achievement, much as if the winner of the CONCACAF Champions League captured the Club World Cup. But for the “big dogs”, it ain’t a big deal. Basically, it’s a measuring stick for their chances of success the following summer.

      • Diego, I concede your point on that one. No I wouldn’t rate the Club World Cup higher than the Uefa Champions League.

        But in fairness, the level between Uefa Clubs and other clubs around the world is MUCH wider than say the difference between European national teams and other national teams around the world. So it isn’t a fair comparison.

  1. So…not good enough for the U-20’s or being promoted to the U-23’s?

    Is there a power struggle happening between the U-2x coaches?
    Is he out due to some behavioral or attitude issue?
    Is he that much advanced that he would dominate this level and needs a new challenge?

    This is quite an odd situation … is there something wrong lee we should know?

    • really reaching there..

      my reaction was AH probably wanted Yedlin but Jurgen has already put him on the roster for the Netherlands/Germany friendlies.

    • Weird situation. To me the U-23s are the lowest priority because they’re playing friendlies while the U-20s are playing competitive games. But US Soccer management might not agree. In my opinion, no way should guys who may play in the Gold Cup, like Yedlin, see time for the U-23s this summer.

      • And they probably won’t. I’m sure some u23s will play in both the gold cup in July and Olympic qualifiers in October.

      • Slow, I disagree with your characterization of the Toulon Tournament as just “friendlies”. The U-20 World Cup is a competitive tournament and so is the Toulon Tournament. Sure the World Cup is arguably more prestigious (slightly more) but the Toulon Tournament isn’t just a set of friendlies.

        Now about Tyler Turner, this is a no-brainer for me. He was most likely considered not good enough for the U-20 World Cup by Ramos. Herzog was holding that last spot for someone else (probably either Yedlin, Brooks, Gil, Villareal, or any other level-A u-23 player), but didn’t get any of them for whatever reason so he settled on Tyler Turner. Turner was probably the best and most needed position player from the AVAILABLE bunch.

      • Pretty much my thoughts exactly. Turned is a 1996 birthday on a team with ’93s and ’94s, so it’s just a chance to get him some experience in workouts, though he’ll likely be the last man on the roster and not see action.

      • Have to disagree. Toulon is like the Confederations Cup, a glorified friendly tournament, only at age-group level. The U-20 World Cup to me is more prestigious than the Olympics, let alone a friendly tournament to prepare for Olympic qualifiers. I don’t even know why soccer is in the Olympics.

      • Which tourney is deemed the more prestigious would in my opinion differ from player to player but I’m more inclined to believe the Olympics edges the U-20 for the simple fact that players understand the magnitude of an Olympics based on viewership globally , incentives wise and it’s the Olympics! Its a one in a lifetime experience for players and look no further than the quotes from the likes of mess I and neymar regarding the olympics!

      • Looks like we just disagree Slow.

        To me the Confederations Cup is the second highest tournament as far as prestige goes (only behind the World Cup). This is how I rate them.

        1. World Cup
        2. Confederations Cup
        3. UEFA Euros
        4. Copa America
        5. Gold Cup/ Asian Cup/ Afcon Cup of Nations (tie)
        8. Olympics
        9. Any youth World Cup (U-17/U-20)
        10. Toulon Tournament

        My case for the Olympics is that:
        1). It is highly watched, highly cared for, prestigious.
        2). It is pretty much a senior competition. 22 and 23 year olds aren’t exactly young kids. Most at the Olympic Games level are professionals. Also, each team gets to use 3 overage players.

      • It’s funny how we all have different perspectives on how prestigious all these tournaments are. I, for one, don’t think the Confederations Cup comes anywhere close to the Euros, Copa America, or any of the other regional tournaments in terms of prestige as well as how seriously the teams take it.

        I remember attending the Confederations Cup in France in 2003 and it was just not that big of an event. It was televised, and a number of the matches were well-attended, but it did not generate anything close to the level of excitement that the Euros do. I did not get the impression from the matches I watched that the teams were taking the tournament nearly as seriously as they do the regional tournaments that got them there in the first place.
        I would honestly place the Olympics above the Confederations Cup.

      • You have to win your Continental Cup to make it to the Confederations Cup. It is basically a mini-World Cup. You could argue it is a harder competition to get access too because you have to win your Continental Cup. It is much easier to qualify for the World Cup than it is the Confederations Cup.

        As far as Confed vs Olympics, the Confederations Cup is a senior level competition whereas the Olympics is a youth/senior competition (age restricted).

      • Ucla, in theory, your points all make sense. However, the reality is that the continental tournaments hold more prestige than the Confed Cup. Yes, you have to be crowned regional champ to qualify, but the tournament itself just doesn’t rank all that high, especially for European and S. American teams.
        We, as U.S. fans, tend to hold the Confed Cup in high regard b/c it’s the only FIFA final we’ve ever played in.
        The Euros and Copa America hold much more prestige and are watched by far more people. The Confed Cup pales in comparison.

      • Clearly, this is YOUR ranking. Nobody takes the Confederations cup seriously. It is seen seen as a glorified scrimmage. It really carries no weight. It really IS NOT above European Cup, Copa America of CAF Cup of Nations. I lived in Germany during the last European Cup and lived in France during the 2003 Cup when France won it. Trust me no one cares about it or takes it too seriously. Even when they changed it rake place at the world cup host nation, it still only helps as a run through, but you could just schedule scrimmages/friendlies with the host nation. We weren’t in the Confederations cup, burl we were still able to play friendlies and have a run through in Brazil.

        Personally, I put it after the Olympics but before any youth tournament. If you ask me, would I rather have the 2013 Confederations title or 20 12 Olympic title, I take the Olympic title.

      • I don’t think many fans or players would rate the Confederations Cup, which didn’t even exist in its current form as a World Cup dress rehearsal until 2005, over continental championships.

        I don’t rate Olympic soccer very highly but I could see rating it above the U-20s, although I personally wouldn’t. But Toulon is a warmup for Olympic qualifying, it isn’t the Olympics.

      • Also I just found out they only play 80 minute games at Toulon. Hard to say it’s prestigious when they don’t even play regulation games.

      • I will argue that the Olympics is more important in most places than the U20 tournament. I lived out side Europe and USA, it is taken very seriously (Latin America and Africa where I have lived). I can’t speak for Asia. Even in Europe, when I lived in Germany, they seemed to only put any gravity in the UEFA U21 tournament (which is really an U23 tournament due to the 2 year cycle). However, they really don’t care about any youth tournament to any great degree.

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