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Must-See Video: Louis van Gaal end-of-season speech


  1. Plus actually inspirational as F*, cause it’s not just some usual soundbite PR nonsense but actually a heartfelt view of how the team experienced the season in the locker room

  2. John Voight + Gary Oldman’s hair from Dracula + Drunk Bill Murray + a dash of Liam Nesson and Vince Vaughn + (John Oliver’s fake Russian accent minus Kate McKinnon’s Angela Merkel impression) + Howard Dean in Iowa + Bluto from Animal House + Chris Rock walking the stage + awkward tuxedo + state political party dinner crowd. Must see indeed.

  3. Not watching.

    I wish Ives had a vote on what we would like to see less of.

    The coach of a soccer team, 8 hour plane ride away, in fourth place in a foreign league, talking about last season, would definitely qualify.

    For Pete sake, they are playing the second leg of the semis for the Canadian championship and a trip to CCL.

    • I think it’s so funny that your name is “Quit Whining About Soccer in the US”, but ALL you do on this site is whine…whine…WHINE! It is like dealing with my 5 year old nephew. Grow up man!. If you don’t like the coverage on the site, then go!

      I have no issues about the coverage. Especially since Ives’ team does a good job with covering a broad range of US Soccer (USL, NASL, MLS). Some of like the coverage of other leagues. I follow Arsenal, PSG due to my time there when I was younger as well as Toronto. For some reason, I have never been a Metrostars/Redbull fan even though I am a New Yorker, but it is fun to go there during the summer time (getting drinks and snacks at a Brazlian place before an afternoon game is fun). Quite frankly, I am sure most MLS fans could care less about the Canadian Championship (where 1 is a 3rd division team) than what LVG (coach of the 4/5th biggest club in the world) has to say about their season.

      PS – you forgot to say who is playing (FC Edmonton v Vancouver Whitecaps FC). Like I said, I follow Toronto (who got knocked out). However, you cannot catch it on tv. At least you can catch the Revolution v Real Salt Lake game on tv tonight.

  4. I’m at work, so I can’t watch. I’m just going to assume it’s 8 minutes of LvG saying, “Queens Park Raisins, Queens Park Raisins, Queens Park Raisins…”

  5. We post this as “must see” but Tobin Heath’s disgusting ankle breaking elastico and pin point cross to Wambach the other night does not qualify…. SILLY… honestly…


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