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SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Michael Bradley


Photo by Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY Sports


  1. This goal reminds me of many goals my virtual pro has scored in FIFA; running just barely faster than the slow opposing defenders, making the exact, correct change in direction to pass a defender then ripping far post from the geometrical sweetspot…

    disclaimer: there is no “takeaway” from this comment

  2. …and this (along with his fantastic vision/passing abilities in the final third) are why I support him playing in an advanced role. I know his preference is to play deeper, but for the Nats we don’t have anyone else capable of playing the advanced role like he does.

    Disclaimer: I’ll be the first to criticize his distribution at times, but I’m specifically referring to his lethal passes in/around the box and the capability he does have to finish (see performances for sc Heerenveen).

    • I think his best role is at CAM in a 41212 but since he naturally drops back it turns into a 422 with pivoting mids; like if mix played CDM but when MB drops back Mix can move forward etc. This would work similarly in a 433 with a striker dropping back (like dempsey).

  3. Wow. I hadn’t seen these camera angles before. Crazy to see how pumped MB was after the goal; you can tell this meant so much to him after dealing with people criticizing his previous performances. Thanks so much for not posting the same old MLS one! Good stuff.

  4. Bradley flat out owned Caldwell on that play. He got a few lucky breaks, but really created them with his physical dominance. Caldwell has been great this year, but can still be exposed a bit with physicality.


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