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Groups announced for Cosmos Copa group stage

Cosmos Copa 2015 Draw



Stationed in one of the world’s most diverse cities, the New York Cosmos are set to hold the latest iteration of the club’s New York City-based international competition.

The Cosmos revealed the groups for the 32-team Cosmos Copa, an international tournament that allows local players to represent their respective countries in a New York-based tournament. Featuring primarily amateurs, and run by Street Soccer USA, the tournament is set to kick off with the group stage’s on July 4.

“This is really a formal tournament for what really is grassroots in New York,” said former Cosmos goalkeeper and current club ambassador Shep Messing in a press release. “These are our people, this is our city. I’m very happy the Cosmos are involved.

“We’re obviously the greatest melting pot in the world,” Messing added. “As big as the Cosmos are, these are our people, this is our city.”

“I believe it’s a great experience against high-level competition. You get to play against the best players in New York,” NYC Paraguay president Dario Cabanas said. “That’s a great experience for any player.”

The Cosmos Copa kicks off on July 4 at Randall’s Island. The upcoming tournament will be the seventh annual tournament, with the 2014 edition won by NYC Gambia.

Here is a closer look at the group’s for the Cosmos Copa below:



Group A: NYC Senegal, NYC Greece, NYC England, NYC Kosova

Group B: NYC Haiti, NYC Guinea, NYC Holland, NYC Ukraine

Group C: NYC El Salvador, NYC Peru, NYC Ghana, NYC Guyana

Group D: NYC Poland, NYC Mexico, NYC Colombia, NYC Spain

Group E: NYC Ireland, NYC Paraguay, NYC Japan, NYC Jamaica

Group F: NYC France, NYC Uruguay, NYC Chile, NYC Honduras

Group G: NYC Gambia, NYC Ecuador, NYC Antigua, NYC Scotland

Group H: NYC USA, NYC Albania, NYC Argentina, NYC Croatia


What do you think of the field for the Cosmos Copa? What do you expect from the tournament?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. For the first time I can say I actually wish I lived in NY right now. This would be very fun to participate in.

    NYC Guinea….always a dark horse

  2. they have been doing Copa Cosmos for a while…
    I like it! Keep it local! Its a great chance to play!!
    Btw! Cosmos Campeon!! Cosmos Campeon!!!

  3. Not trying to be a troll but why is this a post? There are random amateur adult tournaments every weekend all over the country and this thing really isn’t any different (there are other MLS clubs that host adult rec leagues as well).

    In any event, check out this golazo from a guy I know during this same adult rec league from 3 years ago. Kinda surprised SBI didn’t post it as a must see goal tbh:

    • At 30 players per team and 2 fans per player, there is the same number of people at this tourney as a Cosmos’ game and SBI reports on Cosmos’ games.

      Now THAT is how to troll.

  4. This seems like an expensive marketing campaign more than anything else. But could pay huge dividends in generating a large loyal fan base.

    • This competition has been going on for a while, t least 6/7 years here in NYC. Some of the teams are very good for adult league teams. Some of the teams field a bunch of guys who played in college.


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