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USMNT rises one spot in latest FIFA rankings

USMNT goal Mexico 31

Photo by Soobum Im/USA Today Sports


Despite not taking the field during the month of May, the U.S. Men’s National Team has seen a slight boost in the latest FIFA ranking, which was released Thursday.

The USMNT rose one spot to No. 27 in the most recent FIFA rankings, the same position the team held back in April. The U.S.’s last action came in and April 15 friendly against Mexico, which fell one spot to 23rd.

After its month of inactivity, the U.S. will return to the field in friendlies against the Netherlands, ranked sixth, and Germany, ranked first, on June 5 and 10, respectively.

Behind the top-ranked Germans, positions No. 2 and 3 flip-flopped in the latest ranking, with Belgium leapfrogging Argentina.

Among the biggest movers in the latest rankings is Austria, as the European nation rose five spots to 20th on the heels of its recent Euro qualifying successes. Meanwhile, Ghana dropped eight places to 34th, while Equatorial Guinea jumped into 50th with an 11-spot rise.

What do you think of the latest FIFA rankings? Are you okay with the ranking for the U.S.? How will the upcoming slate of games affect the team’s spot?

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  1. It’s funny that the #1 thing that folks have been up in arms about with FIFA over the years has been the world rankings. Yet, it seems it was the only and only transparent thing at FIFA! Sheep!

  2. It would be nice if the coming (we hope) reforms at FIFA include a serious look at the calculation, uses, and potential manipulations of these rankings. They would simply be another thing to have fun arguing about except for the fact that FIFA actually uses these numbers — in ways that seem to change from tournament to tournament — to help determine seedings in WC finals. As I understand the process (which is not very well), it is difficult for teams outside of Europe and South America to rise very high because (1) that’s where the best teams are, and (2) the other teams in those regions benefit because they play those successful teams most often. It’s a self-perpetuating ranking.

  3. F*ck off FIFA rankings. I know it’s just math, but they were dubious before the FIFA scandal broke. Now they’re just laughable and a little insulting. USA is below Romania, Austria, Algeria, Wales, and one spot above Scotland? Right.

    • Don’t worry, Europe has just gone through UEFA EUROS qualifying. So they received a big boost in the rankings. Once Concacaf and Conmebol play their Gold Cup and Copa America, we will get our boost in the rankings.

      Oh and, explain to me how the Fifa scandal has anything to do with how these rankings work or don’t work? As you said it is just math, and the scandal doesn’t affect the math.

  4. These rankings are incredibly dumb. Belgium is stacked but does anyone really think they’re the second best team in the world? Austria hasn’t qualified for a major tournament since 1998 except when they hosted Euro 2008 – how can they be 20th? I know they’re top of a mediocre group in Euro 2016 qualifying but still.

    • The rankings are not dumb at all. They are quantitative, and they work. At the very least they are way better than using people’s opinion about what team is better and what team should be ranked where.

  5. That’s all the thanks we get for forcing Sepp to resign?!?! I thought we were good for at least a 5 spot jump!


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