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Women’s World Cup Rewind: France routs Mexico; Brazil edges Costa Rica; and more

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In need of a bounce-back performance after suffering a shock defeat, France took out all its World Cup frustrations on Mexico.

France wasted no time in overcoming its weekend loss to Colombia, scoring three goals in the first 13 minutes en route to a dominant 5-0 victory on Wednesday. Marie-Laure Delie scored the winner 34 seconds in and an own goal from Jennifer Ruiz gave the French some insurance in the ninth minute.

Eugenie Le Sommer bagged a brace with tallies in the 13th and 36th minutes, and Amandine Henry capped the scoring 10 minutes before the final whistle.

The victory gave France six points and the top spot in Group F ahead of England due to a better goal differential.

Here is a closer look at Wednesday’s results and a rundown of the upcoming Round of 16 matches:


For the third straight World Cup, England is on to the knockout rounds.

England defeated Colombia, 2-1, to take second place in Group F. The English went up 2-0 via a Karen Carney strike in the 15th minute and Fara Williams penalty kick in the 38th, but Colombia ensured a nervy finish following a 94th-minute finish from Lady Andrade.

Adding insult to injury for the Colombians was the yellow card starting goalkeeper Sandra Sepulveda received in the 85th minute. The caution was her second of the tournament and rules her out for Colombia’s Round of 16 match against the United States.


Costa Rica put in a valiant effort, but it was ultimately not enough to reach the next round.

Brazil eliminated Costa Rica and stayed perfect in the World Cup after picking up a 1-0 victory. The Brazilians fielded a less-than-full-strength team due to their guaranteed first-place finish in Group E, but still managed to create a number of shots before Raquel Fernandes slotted home the winer in the 83rd minute.

Costa Rica goalkeeper Dinnia Diaz made a number of saves prior to that to keep the game level, but was unable to keep out Brazil’s late finish and will now head home with the rest of her teammates.

The Brazilians finished atop Group E with a 3-0 record that saw them score four goals while conceding none. Costa Rica, meanwhile, finished in third, but was not one of the four best third-placed teams in the tournament.


South Korea put forth a lackluster first half that threatened its World Cup participation, but the response after halftime ensured that the Asian side would live to fight another day.

South Korea scored two second-half goals to come from behind and defeat Spain, 2-1, in their Group E finale. The Spaniards took the lead in the 29th minute through a Veronica Boquete goal, but Cho So-hyun put the Koreans back on even terms with a header in the 53rd minute.

Kim Soo-yun then found the winner in the 78th, but Spain nearly found an equalizer that would have sent it through to the next round. Sonia Bermudez took a free kick in stoppage time that was painfully denied by the crossbar, leaving Spain to crash out of the tournament in the group stage.

The result gave South Korea second place in the group with four points. Spain finished last with just one point.


Germany vs. Sweden

China vs. Cameroon

Brazil vs. Australia

France vs. South Korea

Canada vs. Switzerland

Norway vs. England

United States vs. Colombia

Japan vs. Netherlands


What do you think of Wednesday’s results? Impressed with France’s rout of Mexico or understrength Brazil’s triumph over Costa Rica? Which nations do you see making it out of the Round of 16?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Can someone explain why The USA 1st Australia (2nd) and then Sweden ( 3rd) all got thru?
    I thought only 2 go thru IE USA and Aussies?


    • Because the tournament has 24 teams, they have to allow the top 4 third place teams to advance based on points and goal differentials to make the bracket work. The men’s World Cup has 32 teams, so only the top 2 advance.

  2. Sepulveda getting tossed makes me breathe a lot easier. ThE USE form had me worried but I think we are through to the semi’s.

  3. What is the point of watching women’s sports?

    If you want to watch the best play, you watch pro men’s sports. If you want to watch the best amateurs play, you watch NCAA sports. If you want to support the best team in your area, you can watch a pro team, a minor league team, a college team, or a high school team (the latter would probably be the case for people who attended those schools and have a special connection to hose teams). If you want to watch the best of your countrymen play, you watch the Olympics, the World Cup, etc. I don’t see what the appeal of watching women’s sports is unless you are a female athlete who previously played for one of the teams you’re watching.

      • I’m all for women’s equality, and I think our society has a long way to go in correcting its misogynist attitudes and behaviors. But that doesn’t change the fact that said competitions are boring and irrelevant from a neutral’s perspective.

      • People still talk about the USA-Brazil quarterfinal from the 2011 womens World Cup to this day. Sports Illustrated named it one of the most memorable goals in American soccer history. What you are saying is the equivalent of “I’m not racist, I have lots of black friends. But…” Sorry you cant get over your view of womens roles in sport enough to enjoy the games.

      • Have to say– I went to the US vs Canada at the 2012 Olympics (when the men’s team didn’t qualify) and it turned out to be one of the most exciting sports events I have ever seen. A good game is a good game.

      • I play in a local soccer league and we played a great game the other day. We lost 5-4 and the other team scored two goals right at the end. But it was a great match from a neutral’s perspective, and the people watching said they really enjoyed it. Does that mean people should start watching my local soccer league?

      • Sports Illustrated…that’s because it’s an American publication and they have to consider women’s sports important. It’s an American thing. That claim is absolutely ridiculous though. One of the most important moments in sports history? How many people actually watched that game? Women’s sports aren’t valued in other countries, which is why we win these types of things. America is not an elite soccer nation (yet), but in women’s soccer it is because of the incredible amounts of funding women’s sports gets here. There’s nothing special about the USWNT winning these types of matches. We’re the best and we’re supposed to win. Very, very few Brazilian girls play soccer.

        But this doesn’t actually do anything to improve the gender gap in the states. Other countries that are much more gender equal than we are place far less importance on women’s sports.

        Your analogy doesn’t hold weight. I didn’t say “I’m a not a misogynist because I have women’s friends.” I’m not a misogynist because I believe in gender equality and recognize America still has a long way to go. I’m all for the type of quotas that Norway imposed requiring corporate boards to maintain a balance of gender. We should do the same in the US.

        But I just don’t understand why someone would watch such low quality soccer in irrelevant competitions.

    • What is the point of watching MLS? It’s not the best league in the world. There’s much better soccer out there.
      What is the point of watching the U20 world cup? It’s youth soccer for crying out loud, and most of those players won’t turn into anything special.

      • Because it’s the best soccer league in this country and MLS fans follow the best soccer team in their area.

        I personally don’t like to watch youth soccer, but most people watch the U20 World Cup to watch for future stars. For some people it’s cool to be able to say they saw him play when he was a kid. Or perhaps they’re curious to see which country(ies) is producing quality young players. But even then, no one takes the results to seriously. Development is the only thing that really matters at that level.

    • “If you want to watch the best amateurs play, you watch NCAA” Lol.

      I mean, while there are many reasons, the main one is because you are a fan of the game. But you don’t have to like it so just go away, nobody cares about you.

      • I am a fan of the game of soccer, and I like to watch my regional MLS team because it’s the best soccer team in the area, as well as my city’s USL games. I watch European soccer sometimes because it’s the best quality soccer to watch (from a neutral’s perspective). And then I’ll watch the USNT to watch my country’s best players play. And I’ll occasionally watch my nephew play his park and rec games because he’s family.

        I consider myself a fan of the game, and so I find women’s soccer to be painfully dull. It’s not good soccer.

      • If you don’t like something, why do you feel the need to go to an article about the thing you don’t like, which is being read by people who do like that thing, and announce to the world that you don’t like that thing? Why?

        Honestly? Get a life. The millions of people watching the Womens World Cup disagree.

      • Are there really millions?

        Second, I didn’t come on here to announce to the world that I don’t like women’s soccer, I’m just trying to understand why other people do. It makes no sense to me.

  4. It’s nobody’s fault but their own that Sweden got the draw they did….win a match, you’re arguably the best technical team in your group!

  5. Sadley, the US is not among the most dangerous teams left in the knock out round. They could go out on Monday with the way they have been playing.

  6. The Bracketing in this tournament is absolutely terrible. One side of the knockout rounds has Germany ranked 1st, USA Ranked 2, France Ranked 3, and Sweden Ranked 5th wheres the other side has Japan ranked 4th and everyone else is below 6th. That shouldnt even be possible

    • It has already been noted that the groups were fixed by FIFA for better ratings, this really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise….

    • If you look closely US and Canada are the only numbers #1 who can’t play another #1 until the semis. France could get 2 games in Montreal. Japan plays out west in Vancouver. Canada definitely has the easier side. FIFA rigged this draw real nice because let’s remember the #1’s were already placed in groups/cities before the draw took place

  7. Well, we shouldn’t be surprised that Mexico lost. This was clearly their D or even F team, and they were up against France, in French-speaking Canada. The deck was stacked in their favor. Mexico will rebound in the Copa America and Gold Cup.

  8. Cameroon, Netherlands, and Switzerland – debutant teams that advanced to the round of 16. I can see at least one making it to the Semi-Finals.

    Sweden is unfortunate that placement in the group of death led to a round of 16 game against Germany.

    • Sweden’s destiny was in their hands though. Three ties in the group stage? Their own fault. They could’ve won the group and played Colombia like the US will!


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