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Wednesday Kickoff: Pogba’s agent hits back at Ferguson; Liverpool denies Ancelotti contact; and more



After reading Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments in his latest book, Paul Pogba’s agent has stepped out to state his side of the story.

The former Manchester United manager’s recent book states that Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, was to blame for the French superstar’s departure in favor of Juventus. Ferguson went on to state that he dislikes Raiola, as the two struggled to ever come to terms.

“Seeing what he’s written in his book, Ferguson has confirmed that he still does not know who Pogba is,” Raiola told reporters. “I don’t see anything bad about me in what he said. In fact, coming from him it’s a compliment.  Yes, if Mr Ferguson doesn’t like me, it’s a compliment because it means that I’m doing my job well. I need to do the best I can for my clients, not for coaches or managers.

“If I’d not taken my interests seriously, I would have tried to convince Paul to stay in Manchester to protect my relationship with United in view of future deals. But I’m only interested in what’s good for Paul. Maybe Ferguson only likes those who do what he asks. Anyway, from the many talks we had in the past, it didn’t seem to me like he really liked Pogba… One day, if he likes, Paul will reveal all. It’s a fact, though, that Ferguson didn’t believe in the player while others did, starting with Juve.”

Here are some more of Wednesday morning’s news and notes:


Brendan Rodgers’ seat remains hot, but Liverpool have reportedly not reached out to one of the favorites to replace him quite yet.

ESPN reported Wednesday that Liverpool have yet to contact Carlo Ancelotti, who has been linked with the job in recent days. Ancelotti mist recently managed Real Madrid, leading the club to its 10th Champions League crown in 2014 before being replaced by former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez following this past season.

Liverpool currently sit 13th in the Premier League with a record of 2-2-2, and most recently settled for a draw with recently-promoted Norwich.


Bayern Munich fullback Rafinha is a player that is seldom-used by Brazil, and, despite earning a call-up, he won’t be appearing for the team any time soon.

The Brazilian Federation announced Wednesday that Rafinha has asked to be dismissed from his call-up for World Cup qualifiers. Rafinha reportedly has interest in representing Germany, his home since 2005, and sees no long-term future for himself with the Brazilian team.

“I am not regularly called up,” Rafiniha said via a statement. “I am not one of the main options for my position, considering that there are other professionals in front of me.”

“We respect the player’s option, commend its transparency and we are canceling the call of Rafinha,” the federation added. “The CBF believes that only players fully committed to the national team and our philosophy of work can be part of the group that represents Brazil around the world.”


Sergio Ramos will miss Real Madrid’s clash with Athletic Bilbao due to injury. (REPORT)

Jordi Alba has been ruled out for Barcelona’s meeting with Celta Vigo due to neck pain. (REPORT)

Everton manager Roberto Martinez says John Stones’ recent injury is not serious. (REPORT)

Arda Turan’s agent is not optimistic that Barcelona will win the legal fight to have the Turkish star feature before January. (REPORT)

What do you think of Raiola’s comments? What should Liverpool do with the manager position? What do you think of Rafinha’s rejection?

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  1. For Raiola to deduce from what SAF had written that he doesn’t have a clue who Pogba is, seems ludicrous . After all it was SAF who brought Pogba from France to ManUtd at the tender age of 16 because he knew very well in fact more than most people at the time who Pogba was and the top player he would develop to be. I can understand Raiola when he says I am only interested in what is good for Paul but he must take into account that ultimately coaches and managers play a massive role in the whole process.

    • SAF signed Pogba but Wenger pursued Pogba early as well. ManU promised and paid more. One of the reasons Pogba left ManU is he felt undervalued and barely played. Kind of seemed like SAF just wanted to keep him away from Arsenal.


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