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Report: FIFA investigator calls for Sepp Blatter suspension




Sepp Blatter may think the investigations he is currently facing are “outrageous”, but they are reportedly about to yield some very real consequences.

Chief Investigator Cornel Borbely has reportedly called for the current FIFA president to be placed on leave for 90 days, according to Bloomberg. Borbely reportedly made the request to FIFA’s adjudicatory chamber.

According to the BBC, a decision is likely to come Thursday.

“The news was communicated to the president this afternoon,” said Blatter’s adviser Klauss Stohlker. “He is calm. Remember he is the father of the ethics committee.

“This is provisional for 90 days but he is not actually suspended. The committee has not yet made a decision and their meetings continue.”

Blatter is currently under investigation by Swiss authorities. He is accused of allegedly approving illicit payments regarding World Cup television deals.

What do you think of the latest Blatter news? How do you see Thursday’s decision going? Is this the beginning of the end for Blatter?

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  1. I would love for Batter to be “Suspended”….and then the Swiss AG convict him of corruption. Than in a Plea Agreement he airs all the dirty laundry of FIFA, taking the whole house of cards down around the all their heads.

  2. Whatever. Everybody knows this “suspension” is a concoction of Blatter’s lawyers to buy him yet more time, while making it look like he has “paid his price” in the minds of nobody but himself,

    Fire this piece of garbage and stop wasting our time.

  3. The more important thing, at least in my view, is that Platini also gets suspended. We don’t want him to win, and we certainly don’t want a Uefa official running the show. We need the Prince. He is probably just as corrupt but at least he will be loyal to Gulati and the USSF.

  4. This still doesn’t mean that Blatter is actually suspended though – it’s just a recommendation. When I first saw the BBC report it sounded like it was a done deal.

    It would be interesting to see who exactly is on the FIFA Ethics Committee.

    • The case now goes to the adjudicating arm of the ethic committee. This is where they review the information received, if it’s credible, it’s sources, testimony, if it’s a criminal, or civil case, and review the recommendations of the investigative arm. In Blatter’s case, it’s because of an ongoing criminal investigation and the information comes from the Swiss AG, which is very credible. The jude who make the recommendation is Harvard educated Judge Robert Torres, who sits as a judge for the US District Court in Guam, and is also the presiding Chief Justice of the Guam Supreme Court. If he confirms the recommendations, it is sent to the head of the ethics committee Mr. Eckhart, who will then, if everything is in order, sign off on the suspension. The order and notice will be given to Blatter for his provisional suspension for 90 days. If the Swiss AG clears Blatter of all charges, the suspension can be lifted. If he is indicted the suspension will be lengthened or a permanent ban put in place, should he be found guilty, he may be put on a ban that could be for several years or a lifetime

      • The review and sign-off could be as early as tomorrow or Friday. The notice and orders of suspension would take effect almost immediately Mr Blatters’ lawyer has said he would address the committee and give their version, but to my knowledge, this is not likely a hearing , but more of an administrative review.

  5. I believe the song was written by Steam. We all know the refrain. “Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye…”


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