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Johannsson diagnosed with nerve irritation in right hip

Aron Johannsson Bremen


Aron Johannsson will not take part in this weekend’s clash with Mexico, and now it appears that the Werder Bremen forward will miss time on the club level as well.

Werder Bremen announced Thursday that Johannsson has been diagnosed with nerve irritation in his right hip. The club revealed that the U.S. Men’s National Team forward will miss the upcoming games against Bayer Leverkusen and Hannover 96, while there is no official timetable for his return.

Johannsson traveled to Berlin to receive his diagnosis and is now set for a return to Bremen where he “will be treated in a conservative manner”.

The U.S. Men’s National Team forward hasn’t featured since September 22 due to the injury, which was suffered in training. Johannsson has scored two goals in six games since moving to Bremen during the summer.

Johannsson’s injury prevented him from joining the U.S. Men’s National Team for the upcoming CONCACAF Cup, with Jurgen Klinsmann naming┬áJozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey, Chris Wondolowski and Gyasi Zardes as the team’s forwards.

What do you think of the diagnosis? What do you expect from Johannsson? How will the U.S. fare without him?


  1. AJ was lured from a competitive Iceland squad (tied for 1st place with the Czechs in Euro Qualifying) not long ago. His output for the U.S. hasn’t been great, perhaps because his teammates haven’t fed him enough balls. He might have been better off with the nation in which he grew up. His injuries have also diminished his promise. I’m a neurologist and have no idea what the German doctors are talking about, hip nerve irritation?

  2. Dr. Marvin Gaye (D.FA.) has a particularly wonderful healing remedy for tension/nerve issues in the hips and lower extremities. Actually, I think I’m due for a treatment from my wife right now.


  3. I have nerve irritation in my hip and I take Aleve, naproxen sodium. Works wonders. The pain was so irritating, I couldn’t sleep.

    • I’m just hoping it’s not the sciatic nerve; my friend had an injury to that and it was not a fun (or quick) road to recovery.

  4. I never liked AJ. There’s something about bailing on your country of 300,000 people, when it is about to make soccer history, that seems extremely treacherous to me and un-American.

    I do wish him well though.

      • You know there are all kinds of gulf countries that just make foreign players citizens through a sped-up and irregular process so they could play in their national teams. Maybe, the U.S. should be doing that?

      • And then there are other countries for which this manner of citizenship has been part of its constitutional foundation since their inception. Sorry if you can’t see the difference.

      • The entire point of international play is to express some nationalism in a non violent way. The idea is to have players with similar cultural backgrounds get together so we can see which country is the best. If the national teams just end up being a bunch of mercenaries assembled from across the world, then I’d rather watch Man City play United.

        I never said that I am against importing good players with weak ties to the States. I said that I am specifically against AJ because I think that he is a backstabbing opportunist, not to be confused with someone like Jones who’s an opportunist that got rejected elsewhere and is grateful that he’s been given a chance to prove himself.

      • Than go watch Man City play Man United.
        All national teams have Duel Nationals on their rosters. As long as a player qualifies for a nations citizenship than they are allowed to represent those nations. Get over it.

      • Well considering that he’s represented the US for a while now and was born in the US, is there any chance you or anyone else like minded might get over it?

      • The Trump says he’s not a citizen and he is looking into building a wall around Iceland now too. He’s taking American jobs, and he thinks Angela Merkle is stupid for letting him steal German jobs too.

  5. i blame Jurgen………………………………………………………….

    (extreme sarcasm)

    • True (no sarcasm). Jurgen has always tried to irritate AJ’s hip. It is quite clear. It all comes down to that one time he did/did not play in a game and it led to AJ hurting his hip in training (with his club team). Things could have been so much different, but Jurgen is a master at hurting his players before big games from across the ocean. Jerk.

      • In all seriousness, this sucks for AJ. He was getting into the swing of things with his club and then this has to happen so soon. In addition, it doesn’t seem to be a simple knock, but when that has and will keep him out for a while. Hopefully it gets better very quickly and he can return to form with his club team and translate that to the USMNT.

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