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Report: Leiweke to join Beckham’s MLS Miami investment group

TimLeiweke1 (Getty)

David Beckham has reportedly added a familiar face to the investment group of his MLS Miami project.

The Miami Herald reported Tuesday that Tim Leiweke is close to joining on to Beckham’s Miami project. Leiweke most recently took charge as president and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which runs the Toronto Maple Leafs , Toronto Raptors and Toronto FC.

Prior to joining MLSE, Leiweke held the position of CEO and president of Anschutz Entertainment Group, which maintains ownership of the LA Galaxy. Previously, AEG held ownership stakes in several MLS clubs including the Chicago Fire, San Jose Earthquakes, NY/NJ MetroStars and D.C. United.

While with AEG, Leiweke was instrumental in helping bring Beckham to the Galaxy and reportedly remains close with the former England star. Leiweke has reportedly been meeting with local politicians over the past several weeks to accelerate the process for a stadium site.

Beckham’s group is currently negotiating with the local government to build a stadium adjacent to Marlins Park and Beckham and co. hope to have a resolution by Christmas.

What do you think of Leiweke’s reported addition? How do you think he will impact Beckham’s Miami project?

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  1. Hopefully Miami gets a better name than Atlanta united and Los Angeles fc, boring names.
    I was expecting Atlanta blackhearts and Los Angeles Hollywood fc.

  2. So is he part of the ownership group or is he going to leave tfc and work for Miami.
    Whatever he does for Miami, hopefully he gets a better stadium location and all the rest, like fancy dps, a good jersey design, a good stadium and jersey sponsor and a good team name.
    How about, inter Miami, deportivo Miami fc with messi playing for them.

  3. This is not a surprise…..many expected he might have left TFC partly to join LAFC or Miami and here we go. He will be an integral part of everything in Miami from this point forward and will be nothing but a huge asset to Beckham. I’m still hoping they build a stadium in a great location instead that crap spot next to Marlins Park. If anyone can make it happen, it’s Tim Lieweke

  4. Sooooo. What does it mean? He gets added to an email list and hears the pre-announcement of an announcement before the announcement ?
    Good for him. I guess.

  5. How do you think he will impact Beckham’s Miami project?

    I think he will make a lot of noise, 1 big signing and then get bored and quit. that is if they ever get around to having a team in Miami.

  6. This is fantastic for Miami FC. He’s MLS’s super hero. Whenever a franchise is in trouble, he’s there to save the day. He’s been instrumental in both Galaxy and TFC’s success. And as we can see with both, he’s big on bringing in huge talent that will cost money but will not be wasted DP slots/money.

    Interesting note left out of the article on AEG ownership, doesn’t AEG still own the Dynamo as well? I think AEG is the last dual franchise owner with both Galaxy/Dynamo – which really has to change with MLS moving forward so rapidly. But I could be wrong on that.


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