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Brad Evans added to USMNT January camp roster

Photo by Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

The U.S. Men’s National Team’s January camp roster has been boosted by the inclusion of a veteran fullback.

U.S. Soccer announced on Monday that Brad Evans will be available for training for the USMNT’s annual winter camp, which began last week and will conclude with friendlies at the StubHub Center against Iceland on Jan. 31 and Canada on Feb. 5.

The Seattle Sounders player made eight appearances for the USMNT in 2015, and is listed among nine defenders currently on Jurgen Klinsmann’s roster. He has earned 31 career caps.

Here’s a closer look at the USMNT roster following the addition of Evans:

GOALKEEPERS: David Bingham (San Jose Earthquakes), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Luis Robles (New York Red Bulls)

DEFENDERS: Kellyn Acosta (FC Dallas), Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), Steve Birnbaum (D.C. United), Matt Miazga (New York Red Bulls), Eric Miller (Montreal Impact), Tim Parker (Vancouver Whitecaps FC), Matt Polster (Chicago Fire), Brandon Vincent (Chicago Fire), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders FC)

MIDFIELDERS: Michael Bradley (Toronto FC), Mix Diskerud (New York City FC), Jermaine Jones (unattached), Perry Kitchen (unattached), Darlington Nagbe (Portland Timbers), Lee Nguyen (New England Revolution), Tony Tchani (Columbus Crew SC), Wil Trapp (Columbus Crew SC)

FORWARDS: Jozy Altidore (Toronto FC), Ethan Finlay (Columbus Crew SC), Jerome Kiesewetter (VfB Stuttgart), Jordan Morris (unattached), Khiry Shelton (New York City FC), Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy)

What do you think of the current USMNT roster? What kind of lineup do you expect in the two friendlies?

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  1. 1. Need a veteran RB to play against Iceland, not sure what kind of squad they are bringing, but probably good enough you need someone who can put in 60 minutes before subbing in a U23 guy.

    2. Veteran outside back to work with the youngsters and always been considered a team guy and a leader.

    3. Would be someone in line for the overage spot at the Olympics, typically teams bring a goalie, a defender, and a striker say. We have young depth at keeper so it might be Evans, Jones, and sorry everybody Jozy.

    • I think your point 2 is a key one. Evans is vocal and also leads by example, whether playing or on the sideline. Might have been brought in as more of a mentor figure for some of the younger defensive guys rather than expecting significant playing time.

  2. I guess JK was not impressed with Polster or Acosta at RB.. I’m a fan of Brad Evans but would almost rather see one of the young guys struggle but learn out there.
    I guess we also have Yeldin playing for the U23 vs Colombia and either Evans or Orozco vs Guatemala.. might as well warm him up.

  3. So much for using the younger or fringe players. I wonder what Klinsmann expects to learn that he doesnt already know on this guy.

    • Speaking of “learn”, you might want to educate yourself on the current “younger” (under 25) and “fringe” players that Klinsmann did call up:

      Ethan Finlay – 25
      Darlington Nagbe – 25
      Steve Birnbaum – 24
      Gyasi Zardes – 24
      Perry Kitchen – 23
      Wil Trapp – 23
      Eric Miller – 23
      Tim Parker – 22
      Khiry Shelton – 22
      Matt Polster – 22
      Jerome Kiesewetter – 22
      Brandon Vincent – 21
      Jordan Morris – 21
      Kellyn Acosta – 20
      Matt Miazga – 20

      ….but I guess calling up Brad Evans completely erases that long list I just posted, right? Your agenda is tired.

      It’s these kinds of posts that people confuse me “defending” JK when in actuality I’m highlighting ignorance from people that, quite obviously, dislike JK and don’t let facts get in their way. Just another SBI-manager that knows more than a professional coach.

      • Old School, by your way of thinking, everyone has an agenda then, including you. Obviously Smitty meant that he would have preferred to see another young/new player called in, not Brad Evans who we have all seen before and know well. Instead you chose to jump on him and in a way put words in Smitty’s mouth by making it seem like Smitty is saying that Klinsmann didn’t call in younger players at all (hence your comment and listing the young players). Your agenda is to bash anyone you see as criticizing Klinsmann.

        Also, would you think it fair for me to call you an SBI-executive that thinks he knows more than a professional?? I say that because look at your constant comments criticizing Don Garber. I will ask you the same thing you ask others:

        Do you think you know more than Don Garber, who actually runs a professional league and has done it successfully?

        What are your credentials and what makes you think you can criticize Garber, and what makes you think you know more than him?

        I ask you these questions only in hope that you will see the irony and hypocrisy of your constant comments about “criticizing professionals”, but I won’t hold my breath.

        ::drops mic::

      • Wil Trapp down are all on the Olympic squad. Rather than Evans, I would have liked to see Lleget or someone else on the edge peering in.

      • “Obviously Smitty meant that he would have preferred to see another young/new player called in, not Brad Evans who we have all seen before and know well.”

        1: Don’t speak for him. He’s a big boy.
        2: “So much for using the younger or fringe players.” <–is a pretty clear statement that Evans addition somehow dismantles the entire concept of using/trying out young and/or fringe players that I provided.

        I've made no secret of my "agenda". I routinely speak up against the echo-chamber's nonsensical rhetoric that is spewed on here daily attributed to anything Klinsmann.

        As for the completely unrelated topic you're attempting to insert, instead of "dropping the mic" , man up and pick up mic when I do reference Garber in posts specifically about Garber because your posts are conveniently absent when that topic does come up. Of course, if you have provided an opinion on the topic I may simply not remember it because you're pigging backing on someone else's opinion as you are here. I assume you're one of the echo-chamber members so that may be a bad habit to break.

        ::some cool reference about a mic::

        Wil Trapp down are all on the Olympic squad. Rather than Evans, I would have liked to see Lleget or someone else on the edge peering in.

        Lleget and Evans are not the same player. I'm not sure why this is referenced here as some kind of like-for-like. Evans has nothing to do with Lleget.

      • Old School, I see you had no answer to my comment about your hypocrisy, so I was right to drop the mic.

        “As for the completely unrelated topic you’re attempting to insert” – hah! It was definitely related and you know it, but you simply had no answer or response for it because you know I am right.

        It was very simple to understand, I will spell it out for you again since you seem to be dense. You always say that people should be quiet about Klinsmann because he is a professional manager and we aren’t, so we don’t know more than him. And I am telling you that what you say is ironic and hypocritical because you always criticize Garber and think you know better than him, but yet you aren’t the commish of a professional sports league, and don’t know better than him.

        You get it?? Do you see the point I am making to you??

        To make it even clearer to you; if you don’t have an issue with criticizing Garber despite your lack of credentials compared to him, then you shouldn’t have an issue with other people here criticizing Klinsmann despite their lack of credentials compared to him.

        Its that simple. How I personally feel about Garber is irrelevant to the point, which was to smack you around with your own hypocrisy.

      • Yes, you are correct. Your attempt to derail the topic by piggy-backing a weak and hyperbolic statement failed to provoke any response you were looking for because like most of your posts on here: it was ignored.

        Unfortunately, in your haste to sing the chorus of the echo-chamber, you mistakenly attached your name to a statement like “So much for using the younger or fringe players.” As my list displayed, your singing requires a new “mic” that doesn’t distort your voice/opinion to look completely ignorant.

        How you feel really is completely irrelevant. Wait for someone else to post and piggy-back off how they feel on the next topic, ok?

      • Old School, wow what a pathetic attempt at a reply. Just admit I am right and move on. You quoting Smitty and then using his comment to say something about me is weak and an obvious attempt at distracting from the subject. My comment was all about calling you out on your hypocrisy in regards to your constant “don’t question professionals” comments, and you know it. Don’t play dum b and try to make it like my comment was all about what Smitty said. Hah! What a pathetic response.

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