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Report: Rapids attempting to acquire Tim Howard


The Colorado Rapids are hoping that Tim Howard becomes the latest American to return to MLS.

According to ESPN FC, the Rapids are attempting to acquire the U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper after receiving the top allocation spot in MLS in a trade with the Chicago Fire during Thursday’s MLS Draft.

The 36-year-old netminder previously played in MLS for the MetroStars — now known as the New York Red Bulls — from 1998 to 2003 before moving to Manchester United.

The Rapids were also reportedly interested in signing U.S. midfielder Alejandro Bedoya, but a recent report said the Western Conference side were not going to ink a deal with him this winter. Meanwhile, Mexican international forward Alan Pulido, who currently plays for Greek club Olympiakos, has been linked with a move to the Rapids as well.

What do you think of this development? Think Howard will return to MLS and play for the Rapids?

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  1. Good thing, too. The Fire would’ve wasted it on some nobody. How soon before the league really steps in to take over this slow-motion disaster? It’s the third largest media market in the country!

  2. As if a goalie is going drive ticket sales. Plenty of solid keepers. No need to overspend on any keeper. Spend money in the midfield. That’s where games are won in a lost.

  3. Rapids are 1st in Allocation order. Roberto Martinez came out this week and basically, in a roundabout way, said Howard’s future in uncertain. Hmm………. makes you wonder. Makes you think their could be legs to this. With that said……… I love Timmy I really, really, really do but let’s not kid ourselves he’s 35 and clearly, to me anyway, his game has tapered off. Many are calling for his head at Goodison park and would like to see his #2, Robles, have a shot. Howard will cost a shit ton of money both in transfer fee and salary. It is worth it to spend that cash on an aging — albeit very good — GK when you already have Irwin who is on the up and up??? Just doesn’t make sense. We don’t need an upgrade at GK and at this point is Howard — aside from experience — an upgrade over Irwin?? I don’t think so. While the allure of having Howard and his accolades is very, very exciting the reality is that money is better spent upgrading our forward line and finding a true play maker.

    • Does Colorado even need a keeper? Clint Irwin is good, or is this just a marketing move? Thye should definitely look to use that top allocation spot on someone else.

  4. If this is happens it marks a new level of ambition from my Crapids…if both moves happen I will drop the preceding “C” and buy season tix again after my protest hiatus. I really want to like Uncle Stan but find it difficult.

  5. Does RBNY still have some right to compensation because Howard played for them before leaving for England?

    I respect Colorado’s efforts to improve the team, but GK seems like a bad way to use your #1 allocation spot when you have so many needs.

  6. I dont think its a good idea to put a lot of money into your goalkeeper in MLS, as recent MLS history of DP level or close keepers shows,and there a lot of capable keepers being produced every year in the US system. There are much more beneficial ways to use DP slots, or whatever cap mechanism that would be used for Mr. Howard.

    • Not so sure about building your team from the GK with a DP. Contrary to the flashy DP forwards in the league. Not a bad a idea to building from the back and have an organized backline. TH brings immense skills and knowledge to defending. The league is predominates a counter attack league and just being able to hold a line for offsides trap does wonders
      The best offense in MLS is a defense that makes the opponents offense defend!

  7. I think it’s time. The confidence from the fans was the first to get a little wobbly, now the manager has been saying less than definitive things about his future, another season of his form dipping just a tad more and he goes from legend to guy they hung on too long.

  8. not a fan of this. Roberto Martinez has recently come out with comments that are not his usual 120% behind TH. Still very much backing him, but uncertainty around his future.

    Still, don’t want to see Tim at home now, he has a chance to have even more longevity in the premier league, why not take it.

  9. good on COL for looking to spend money. as far as this move, i don’t really have a big problem with it. Howard’s place at Everton is no longer locked and i don’t see him getting many other European deals. at his age, i also don’t think it is a big loss for the USMNT. he shouldn’t regress all that much.

  10. Linked with interest/attempts to: Carlos Vela, Alejandro Bedoya, and now Tim Howard (along with an SBI report stating they’re targeting two international attacking players with notable resumes).

    Colorado is certainly not sitting idle this off-season. Unlike the club they traded the allocation spot with.

      • I totally agree. No one has signed yet and the Rapids have needs all across the field. The Rapids only have 6 defenders under contract and none of them are all that impressive. For yesterday’s wheeling and dealing to have felt productive I would have wanted to see two impact players signed.

      • Spreading rumors = attempting to make signings. Realistically, sure, they haven’t made progress on stories they’ve relayed to the media or attempts they’ve actually made.

        All media that covers MLS is pretty poor usually, so, its hard to discern fact from fiction since there’s very little follow-up or research into claims, statements or rumors. Whether it’s lip service or actual attempts, in contrast, that’s more than a lot of other clubs can say.

  11. Of course I’d love to have Tim Howard captaining my team, guiding my back line. That sounds awesome, and like more of an impact than Bedoya would have been. . .I’m just not sure this is the best way to spend all that precious moola.


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