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Christian Pulisic earns first start in Borussia Dortmund victory

Christian Pulisic Borussia Dortmund 46

Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel certainly was not kidding when he said Christian Pulisic is integral to the club.

Pulisic achieved yet another milestone on Sunday by earning his first career start in Borussia Dortmund’s 1-0 win over fourth-placed Bayer Leverkusen. The 17-year-old Pulisic, who recently broke into his side’s first team, was deployed on the left side of a three-man front line and lasted until halftime before being replaced.

The 45-minute shift marked the emerging Pulisic’s longest cameo for the German Bundesliga’s second-placed side. He previously appeared in three matches, but had not played more than 26 minutes.

Pulisic has now played in Borussia Dortmund’s last four league games. He also had a short stint off the bench in this past Thursday’s UEFA Europa League contest against FC Porto, which Dortmund won, 2-0.

What do you think about Pulisic earning his first start for Borussia Dortmund? See him starting more games in the coming weeks?

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    • Can’t speak for the German press, but having watched the game, he certainly seemed like he belonged. Don’t be concerned about the halftime sub…Reus was coming back from injury, and bringing him in for a half was probably the plan all along.

    • He wasn’t mentioned negatively in any of the game recaps or chats I saw. He got 2.5 of 5 stars (he and two others) from the reviewers. From what I read, he earned a free kick in opponent’s alf, nearly got an assist to Aubameyang, but was not a large factor.
      “Although Pulisic’s involvement in the first half was curtailed for the most part, he was at the heart of the two most exciting passages of play within the last 10 minutes of the opening period.” from a foxsoccer review. whoscored said he had 1 key pass, and was 50% accurate with his passing (ouch), on 18 touches.

  1. who do we have on the left w/ the kind of pace, confidence and skill that pulisic clearly has right now? hard to see what downside there is having him mix it up in a sr. national team camp.

    • Mixing it up in camp is one thing. Calling for his automatic start is another. Its one thing to have the talent, its another to be able to execute that talent. Unfortunately, carrying over confidence and swagger from club to country squad can be difficult, especially for a young player.

  2. Very odd that he would start over Marco Reus, possibly the top player on the squad, and then have Reus come in for him at the half. Normally managers resting players will bring them on in the 65th minute or later. It’s a bit strange. Hopefully it was a planned sub and not a reflection on CP struggling. Just the fact that he’s earned the manager’s trust enough to merit a start in such a crucial match at 17 says a lot about how he’s training and playing, though.

  3. Old School it was not fair to respond as Mitch did. The statement made by TX2 stepper was clearly serious and you know it. In fact I agree with you that the context of the forums and the topic of the story make it misplaced.

    However, the sarcastic response made by Mitch was hateful towards any religious person. Furthermore your encouragement that it had redeemable value is in fact not only an anti religious statement but a hateful one showing despise for same religious people.

    Now lets get back to this truly exciting young player and remember that religion is personal and your is not better than mine.

    • It had no place on this website and the mere fact that it was inserted awkwardly deserves ridicule as it’s disrespectful to those of opposing faith or having none at all.

      Religious zealots don’t get it both ways. If you want to subject others to it, be prepared to be subjected as well. Immunity isn’t one sided.

  4. Before the hype train reaches terminal velocity, let us remember that there is only one Savior, Jesus Christ. Puli sic will be a fun soccer player to keep tabs on so long as he keeps his head on straight and keep scrapping.

    • Haha, nice one Tex. Please refrain from bringing that moron Jesus into these forums. This is for sport – not fairy tales with talking snakes.

      • I have nothing to add, after what everyone else has written. I just like Mitch’s sense of humor….+1.

      • “Really Mitch? Tell us more, you sound super knowlegable about all things moronic.”

        As far as I’m concerned it’s fair game to respond the way Mitch did. The statement made The TX 2 Stepper was really odd.

        If it was serious, the context of the forums and the topic of the story make it misplaced. If it was intended to be a “joke”, it lacked any amount of humor. At least Mitch had some redeemable value to his sarcastic response. Ironically your response, Rob Dog, was truly moronic.

      • As a recently converted Messianic Jew (just Jewish previously), I do agree with this so-called Mitch. However, this is one true savior, Messi-ah!

  5. If he were German, klinsi would probably make him captain for qualifiers given this accomplishment. All kidding aside, incredible rise. Let’s hope he can keep this up

    • If he were a son of a military serviceman that was born abroad, apparently, Arena wouldn’t call him up for not being American enough.

      Sadly, mine isn’t a joke.

      • Arena’s comments about JK calling so many German Americans were in the context of it doesnt represent an improvement from what we’ve always done – relied too heavily on players developed in other countries. JK was given control of the entire men/boys side, made technical director, and yet favors and relies on foreign developed players as much if not more than his predecessors. And with worse results in meaningful competitions.

      • “David Regis and Tony Sanneh might disagree with that statement.”

        Incorrect. The names you referenced proves Arena is full of shit and grabbing at the low hanging fruit when it was convenient.

      • @gafft

        “David Regis and Tony Sanneh might disagree with that statement.” Are you saying Sanneh was born outside of the US? Because he was born and raised in St. Paul, MN.

      • Both of you guys are incorrect:

        Tony Sanneh – was born and raised in the midwest to an AFRICAN immigrant father from Gambia and White American mother. Kinda like Charlie Davies whose father is also from Gambia, and mother is White American.

        David Regis is NOT the son of a military father, but was the Black French husband of an American wife who became a naturalized American. Arena BROUGHT him to the 2002 World Cup.

        I think you mean EARNIE STEWART whose father was/is a former Air Force airman and mother was/is Dutch. He grew up in Netherlands – his parents never divorced from what I remember. Arena BROUGHT him to the 2002 World Cup as well.

    • Good comment – he’s already accomplished more than Julian Green ever has. Except he’s not a passport American and, therefore, not perceived a ringer, so there isn’t the same excitement level for CP amongst some USMNT fans.

  6. It is great he got the start, especially against a quality opponent. He gotten big mins in big games so far. This really exciting. Hope by next season he can make that starting spot his and continue to develop.

  7. Why was he pulled?
    Because he’s 17 and it’s another step in his progression?
    Or because he’s 17 and not man strong yet and was star to get overwhelmed?

    I’ve been following yanks abroad pretty solidly since run dmb and JOB.. admittedly usually u20 above but the past month this kid caught me by surprise.

    • For fitness reasons maybe? The last four months or so have been quite the whirlwind for him I imagine and he’s probably still adjusting to playing at this level week in and week out

      • It definitely was not for fitness reasons. He was all over the pitch in the first 45. He did a lot of tracking back on defense and even broke up a movement or 2 by quick recoveries on the break. He almost had an assist, but Aubemenyang pushed it wide.

    • It looked to me like it was a planned 45 min shift. It was Reus who came on for him, and pulisic is a scrapper, and he has serious pace. Coaches love both qualities. His first touch let him down a couple of times, but he also showed some cleaver touches, picking up a foul in the attack third.

      He really gets after it when he is defending, and it is this quality that is going to keep getting him more minutes. Plus the pace. He is still growing, and he looks more filled out than he did six months ago. He was playing left wing, and Russia will look good with he and Fabian Johnson on the same side, and you know CP ain’t gonna be playing lb.

  8. This is rather remarkable. Dortmund is a major club. From the US perspective, does he belong on the U-234 team and will Dortmund release him for the matches with Colombia?

    • This is incredibly awesome. A 17 year old kid from the USA is getting serious minutes for the second placed team in one of the best leagues in the world. I’m allowed to be blown away by this, right?

    • Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be a reply. I was going to make a reply, but then I realized it would be a dull, snarky “yes and yes”.

      My comment was kind of adressing your comment’s tone though. “Rather remarkable” sounds like something said in a refined british accent between melancholy puffs on a corn cob pipe. I understand you’re being a bit reserved, perhaps wary of the hype train, but I think we’re aloud to celebrate this kid without crowning him savior.

    • w/ his age and actually getting time I would think they will leave him in his club situation, its going well for him, they might not want to disrupt things

      in theory, he is ready for any US team, right? i mean, he is playing at the highest level of any american on the planet if you look purely at team and league (I know this isnt how things work and am not calling for him to be on the the nats etc. at this moment)

      • I don’t see any reason to rush him into the full USMNT. Maybe after the copa this summer he can start being integrated if he’s still doing well.

      • He is not playing regularly yet. Let him establish himself beyond a 4 game run. I am ok with bring him up to the U23s, but let’s leave the USMNT and give him at least half a season to establish himself.

      • There’s no reason to rush Pulisic along for what is still largely, despite most nations saying they will take it seriously, an exhibition tournament. This isn’t the same situation of rushing in a player like Green, in the hopes he can provide one moment of magic in a WC (the tourney that trumps all).

        Lets not forget that if he’s busy with us at Copa, he is away from BVB during preseason and could be usurped by a new prospect.

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