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Report: David Beckham offering partnership stake in MLS Miami team

Photo by Robert Mayer/USA Today Sports
Photo by Robert Mayer/USA Today Sports

David Beckham is reportedly on the hunt for a bit more financial muscle to join his MLS Miami project.

According to the Miami Herald, Beckham has spent the past six months shopping an ownership stake to potential buyers all over the world. Beckham is in search of help in easing the $300 million price tag that a new stadium in the city will command.

The Miami Herald says there has been “vast interest” from investors such as Chelsea’s Roman Abramovic, a Chinese group, several Americans, and several Middle Eastern groups, including Paris Saint-Germain owners Qatar Sports Investments.

The former LA Galaxy star is reportedly being very particular with his choice of partners, as he is specifically looking for someone with a background in sports, mainly soccer, that could help with the acquisition of elite talent. In addition, Beckham hopes to construct a state-of-the-art training facility.

Beckham and his MLS Miami team hope to close a stadium deal by the end of February, as Tim Leiweke is set to meet with city and county officials on Wednesday to iron out details ahead of an official land purchase.

What do you think of the latest Beckham news? Who would make a good partner for the Miami MLS club?

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    • i think they needed to do this at the beginning because there was no way this was going to move forward without even deeper pockets. Miami is Miami. if they had secured a massive partner prior to all the previous stadium attempts, things could have been different.

  1. Come home, David. Get the class of 92 to chip in or SIr Alex & Mr. Gill or the Glazers. Miami United is the only acceptable name.

  2. How about each of those potential investors mentioned above, buys a team from MLS or buys half the team.
    Such as red bull, fire, Rapids, Dallas.

  3. this makes sense. even with Claure they need at least two of him to have the kind of cash this team is going to require. i’ll tell you what, if he really only paid $20M (which seems about right), his partners are getting a sweet deal.

    it’s also promising to hear he is being very particular about who to partner with. it’d be easy for him to just take the first thing thrown at him given how long and drawn out this has become.

  4. A good idea– probably one he should’ve pursued much earlier. Beckham’s team obviously needs help from somebody more experienced in order to advance this project. Go get a real partner who knows how it’s done.


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