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Guatemala 2, USMNT 0: Match Highlights



  1. We missed some chances but so did they. I bet we pull it out in Columbus, but if we don’t, Klinsman is certainly toast.

  2. Don’t worry guys, the US is going to win in Columbus; Well, they better win or we might not be seen much of the US in qualifiers until 2020. KJ knows that if he loses this next match, he is toast. However, I am confident that the US will win in home soil. And in September, if JK is smart, he will have a much better selection of players and hopefully not so many injuries. I rather see another coach, however.

  3. We should be on 9 points right now when you look at the point blank chances we’ve blown. Zardes against TnT, – Bedoya, Dempsey and Altidore last night.

  4. The idea of not even qualifying for the hex is so horrible to contemplate that if it happens, not only must the entire coaching staff go, we might as well just use players from the U-23’s and U-20 squads for the next 6 years. The team last night was absolute garbage.

    • I understand but don’t quite agree with your harshness 🙂

      What frustrates me the most is the switch to long balls only 60 minutes in. For the entire final 30 we never passed past the middle third. We’d move it up to there then all players not with the ball or playing CB would just run up even with their backline waiting for a hopeful lob. You can’t lob a defense when they know your lobbing them. You have to show a ground pass to someone then hit a back door lob. At the 60′ mark we just needed to be patient. Get one goal by 80′ then have a frantic final 10’+. Instead we just showed our cards (panic …) and failed. We subbed on players that like to play off ground oases and working the ball around (Nagbe, Jozy, zardes) none of those three like to win aerials or even play crosses. They are pass happy team players. So why would we go lob crazy when we have passers injected into the game?!?!

      We could have surely at least tied that game…..

      • They started taking long, hopeful passes early in the first half and usually weren’t even close to completed. I was yelling at the TV a whole lot from early on. It was like the whole team had a brain cramp.

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