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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Geoff Cameron

Geoff Cameron USMNT Guatemala 24

After an all-around disappointing performance against Guatemala, the U.S. Men’s National Team bounced back in a big way against the same foe on Tuesday as a centerbcak led the way both in the attack and in defense.

Geoff Cameron slotted into a centerback role after featuring at right back on Friday vs. Guatemala. The 30-year-old Stoke City defender stabilized the American backline, while also adding the game’s second goal in the 35th minute off of a header. Thanks to his solid efforts on both ends of the pitch, Cameron earned SBI Man of the Match honors.

Despite Guatemala’s willingness to attack in their first meeting with the U.S., Los Chapines were unable to establish any rhythm up front. Cameron’s presence in the center kept Guatemala’s movement to a minimum, and because of that they managed just two shots on Brad Guzan’s net all match. On the attack, Cameron’s long ball helped set up the USMNT’s first goal, while his thunderous header provided valuable insurance before the game got out of hand.

Cameron beat out Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley for Man of the Match honors.

What did you think of Cameron’s performance? Who was your Man of the Match?

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  1. Cameron was a difference maker in a variety of ways and what no one noticed about his game is his ability to play out of the back. Routinely his confidence when over the ball allows for the US maintain possession. A gigantic difference from Gonzo getting his head up just long enough to kick a long ball to a loss of possession. Both Cameron and Brooks are athletic enough and have the skill set to dribble and get forward into the midfield making linking passes into the attacking third. A huge assets for a possession poor team. Cameron’s over the top pass to Zardes was so money but just think about how far into he attack he was positioned. CB who can run and ah e speedy RB and LB’s can get away with this.
    However, I think Cameron would really fit into a defensive midfielder role best. He sees the game better then Beckerman and more athletic.
    *The US needs more players on the field who can maintain possession, beat a defender on the dribble, be able to make a quick accurate pass in a closed spaces, and a first touch at their feet. These types of players can play multiple positions and interchange while a player like Cameron gets forward or a RB overlaps a right wing. Everyone cries out for a creative player? Creative players are high risk turnover machines. Possession players maintain the ball at their feet and make high percentage passes especially in the attacking third. Attacking players can be higher risk reward in the attack but the good ones maintain possession and genrally can get the ball in a dangerous spot or get a shot off at any moment. Do these players exist in the player pool? A few do but the gap still exists for a complete 11 machine on the pitch.

    • Excellant analysis and you hit the nail on the head. The reason why CB’s like Ramos, Hummels, Silva etc. Are considered the best CB’s in the world is precisely because of their abilities to do what you just described, and Geoff is the closest we come to at the senior level.

      However, I disagree with Cameron being more valuable at DM. Just like too many Americans undervalue a Modern CB’s technique and ability to contribute to the attack, you maybe undervaluing Beckermen. I’d sooner take a clone of Beckermen (albeit younger) if it means we get his excellant positional sense both on defense and offense. Not saying they’re anywhere near each other in talent, but he is our Busquets, who also doesn’t get enough credit for anchoring Barcas tiki-taka tactics, and providing consistent, safe, possession cycling passes.

      • Plus his ability/talent for making the right tactical fouls to break apart a counter is world-class. Seriously, how he didn’t get a yellow, despite pulling Sweinsteiger’s shirt, who was I believe in a 3v2 situation on goal, at the WC baffles me. And that’s not the only time I’ve seen Beckermen get away with stuff like that.

    • I fear Jones will be back by that time and in that position. I think what works really well about Beckerman in that spot is that he isn’t concerned about his offense. Remember that first game is St.VG so Beckerman can play there and just put FJ in for MB or he can play LB should have plenty of space to go forward against them. Zusi looked really good, but unless he has a great season I don’t see him being there by fall.

      Of course its a long way to September.

    • I’d keep Cameron at RCB and insert Williams at the CDM. In front of Danny any combination of Nagbe, Nguyen, Hyndman, Gil, or Jones (wish it wasn’t, but probably will be) would work. We don’t really need a true CDM for this match so a defensive minded Box-to-Box CM should be fine.
      I hope that we use some of the younger players in this match considering the level of the competition….but I’m almost positive that JK will call in and give starts to a number of the Old Dogs (Beckerman, Jones, & Dempsey).

  2. Cameron might be our best field player now. This is what quality and consistency looks like. No surprise he’s an EPL mid-table starter. Good thing he decided to risk it and give Europe a shot.

  3. He’s probably been most consistent, high-level player, we have for the US in the past year and a half. He shows up against big teams and doesn’t play down to weaker teams. His leadership qualities have been top notch too.

  4. Backline did not get a huge test this evening but individually and collectively did what they had to do. I liked the play of Bradley, Deuce, Zusi and Beckerman.

    • Yedlin’s consistent playing time at Sunderland has done wonders too. Thought he had a solid game defensively. Good positioning which wasn’t always the case with him

      • It wasn’t against the strongest attack but Yedlin looked night and day better at RB (at least positionally) than he did a year ago. Playing in the EPL and training at Sunderland has done him wonders. He should be a fixture at RB going forward.

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