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Detroit group oultines plans for potential MLS franchise

MLS Detroit stadium rendering 1

And just like that, there are plans for a proposed MLS team in Detroit.

MLS commissioner Don Garber held a press conference in Detroit on Wednesday alongside NBA owners Tom Gores and Dan Gilbert to outline the plans for a potential MLS franchise in the Motor City. The press conference came a day after Gores, the Detroit Pistons’ owner, and Gilbert, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ majority owner, announced that they were teaming up to form an investor group for an expansion club.

On Wednesday, Gores and Gilbert shared that their proposal includes the construction of a 25,000-seat stadium and an overall investment of $1 billion for other developments at an unfinished jail site in downtown Detroit.

Wayne County officials came out in the immediate aftermath of the news conference, however, to state that they intend to finish construction on the jail that taxpayers had spent money on.

The prospective Detroit ownership group said that it could also build a stadium near the Detroit riverfront or Corktown areas, but is targeting the jail site.

Here is a video showcasing the location that Gores and Gilbert are currently eyeing for a stadium for their desired MLS team:


What do you think about the proposed plans for an MLS team in Detroit? Like the stadium location and design? Do you see Detroit getting this done and earning an MLS franchise?

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  1. Pushing out DCFC is a mistake. Buying the club keeping it’s identity and taking it to new heights is the real path to success. A club that already has a history. Folklore that can stay with the club for generations.

  2. Detroit’s already got a soccer team whose ownership structure wouldn’t be allowed by MLS. So Gilbert and his bro are going to try to squeeze out the supporter-starter team that gets about 2,000 a match and has it’s own designs on building (modifying) a stadium in the city? This is pure, unadulterated cash/power grab by gilbert and co. to head off DCFC steam while they can. MLS is not for soccer, it is for money.

    • Good God, man, priorities!

      Criminals have been running amok in Detroit at least since the original Robocop and I’m pretty sure Charles Bronson himself even depopulated a couple city blocks worth of scumbags in one of those Death Wish movies.

      They’re used to criminals owning the streets of Detroit, never ruined anyone’s day before. But imagine how much brighter everyone’s day would look if they could attend a professional soccer match in between rounds of muggings and rapings.

      Those greedy OCP execs need to shut up about their jail already. Build a trigger-happy cyborg cop or something. More important things at stake here, peoples.

  3. I think it’s weird that the group building the jail came out right after to say they were finishing the jail. If you plan on building the stadium at a site where something is already there wouldn’t you, you know, talk to the people first before you came out with detailed plans for said site?

  4. Detroit can barely keep its lights on. A billion dollars of leverages, subsidies, tax breaks, and public funds? I’m guessing it won’t be the owners’ money that’s on the line.

  5. Even if they don’t secure a franchise it’ll still be before Beckham/Miami secure a location and build a stadium.


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