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Rapids earn tie despite two Impact golazos

Photo by Eric Bolte/USA Today Sports
Photo by Eric Bolte/USA Today Sports

The Colorado Rapids made the most of the few opportunities they had to spoil two sensational Montreal Impact blasts at Stade Saputo.

Didier Drogba netted an extraordinary free kick nine minutes into the match, and Maxim Tissot scored a screamer from distance. However, the Rapids were productive with their chances and forced a 2-2 tie on Saturday.

Drogba’s free kick was canceled out by a Shkelzen Gashi goal early into the second half. Attacking down the left wing, Mekeil Williams sent a pass across goal for Gashi to tap in.

Minutes after Gashi’s goal, Harry Shipp laid off a pass for Tissot, who drilled the ball towards the bottom-right corner.

For the most part, the Rapids struggled to create chances throughout the 90 minutes. Yet, Bobby Burling scored the game-tying goal from a set piece in the 73rd minute. Axel Sjoberg redirected a Gashi cross into the box, and the defender was at the right place at the right time to tap in the opportunity.

Drogba, who started for the third time in eight days, was in good form in the first half. He nearly scored another sensational flick following his free kick, but was denied on the goal line. In the second half, Drogba did not have much of an impact, while the 38-year-old drilled his best chance of the final 45 minutes just above the crossbar.

Next up for the Impact is a road meeting against the Columbus Crew on May 7, while the Rapids head home to face Real Salt Lake that same day.

Man of the Match

While Didier Drogba dominated the first half, Maxim Tissot was the most consistent player throughout Saturday’s tie. The left back had a spectacular defensive outing, making four tackles and dispossessing the Rapids two times. And he arguably scored a better goal than Drogba, sending a low strike past Rapids goalkeeper Zac MacMath from distance in the second half.

Moment of the Match

The Impact’s two goals will be ones played over and over again following this weekend’s action in MLS, but Bobby Burling’s game-tying goal kept the Rapids’ unbeaten run alive. The tap-in was not as flashy, but it got the job done for a Rapids team that has been resilient this season.

Match to Forget

It was only his second outing of the season, but Marlon Hairston may want to forget Saturday’s match. The right back showcased his exceptional recovery speed, but he did not look in tune with the team. He completed just 73 percent of his passes, earned a yellow card and nearly received a second yellow later into the match.


  1. Call it hype if you want. I call it optimism. Nothing I said isn’t true.

    Tim Howard will be the best goalie in the league. He hasn’t played yet.

    Marco Pappa is a creative force on the field. He’s missing.

    We have yet to play a game with Gashi, Doyle, Jones, Pappa, and Howard on the field together. We will. They’re the best players we have. All of them have missed significant periods this year, except Gashi.

    We are in first, regardless of games in hand that other teams have. The standings show that we have the most points in the league still.

    Pablo would be in the conversation for coach of the year if it we’re held right now. Taking a team from worst to first does that for you.

    I know it’s hard to believe for a Rapids fan, because of the dismal results we’ve had recently. Still, we’ve played a reasonably difficult schedule, without fielding our best line-up this year. We are still in first place in the league.

    That’s reality. It doesn’t mean we’re the best team in the league. I never said that. What it means is, we’re in first place. It means we accomplished that without fielding our best line-up ONCE this year.

    At some point, we’ll play our best line-up. Until then, I’m content with first place.

  2. Yeah Bull- CO supporter as well. Slow the hype train down a bit ok? It’s a great start- better than any of us could have wished for. But it’s a long season. Other teams are finding their legs as well.

  3. We’re in a three way tie for first. Spin it all you want, but that’s the standings right now. Yes, SLC has the head to head, with the return leg coming in Denver next game. L.A. has two games in hand and is three points back. That doesn’t change the standings. Even a guy with a 52 I.Q. can see that Dallas, Colorado, and SLC have the most points in the league.

    Colorado did that with Jermaine Jones missing for six games, Kevin Doyle missing for four games, Marco Pappa missing for two games, and Tim Howard having missed at least the first ten. That’s four of Colorado’s best players and they’re still sitting in first. Colorado has depth. The roster makeover worked.

    It just goes to show what a steaming pile the entire eastern conference is. Five teams in the west sit above or tied with the eastern leader. Only two eastern teams make up the top 8 teams. The other six are in the west.

    The best teams in MLS are in the Rockies. I know it makes all the eastern time zone gubes quickly come up with a list of excuses, but if you want to see the best soccer being played in MLS as of today, you need to watch mountain time zone soccer.

    Soon Tim Howard and Pappa will join Doyle, Jones, Gashi, and a coach that might end up in the conversation for coach of the year this season.

    Go Rapids. Beat SLC and show them the front range is better than Zion.

    • Smh… 🙂

      Look, It’s all fine except for the first paragraph. The only spin is yours, making such big claims about leading everyone when the day’s/week’s games haven’t even finished. RSL hadn’t played when you did so and as you see, they caught the Rapids on points. LA still hasn’t played and may well also catch them on points today.

      But it’s furthermore easy to see that in a case like MLS where there’s such uneven scheduling and some teams may be level on points but have played a different number of games, the ones who have played fewer games are so far in a better place than the ones who have played more. RSL with the same number of pts but having played just 8 is better off than Colorado at 9, just as Colorado is better off than Dallas, who have played 10 to get to that pt total. And if LA can win today, they join RSL ahead of Colorado.

      I’m a Colorado supporter, too, you know. I guess that may surprise you. I just acknowledge the reality. In particular if you’re going to keep stressing the great value of players who haven’t gotten (back) into the lineup yet, for various reasons, and how much more thy may help the team and how impressive that makes the team’s current standing and success so far, then you should similarly acknowledge games that some other clubs haven’t played yet, and how much potential those hold for them and how impressive that makes their standing and success up to this point.

      Have a great day, and yes, let’s see more results like the past 3-4 from he Rapids.

  4. Don’t look now, but the Rapids lead the Supporter’s Shield race. They’ve done it while missing five starters for the majority of the season. From worst to first without Tim Howard. We’ll see how good they are when they have a full squad including Gashi, Doyle, Jones, Howard, and Marco Pappa.

    Go Rapids!!

    • “Don’t look now, but the Rapids lead te Supporter’s Shield race”

      Yeah, lasted a few hours (though it was a questionable claim even when made, 2 teams within 3 pts and with 2 games in hand).


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