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Copa America Highlights (Day 11)

Photo by Troy Taormina/USA Today Sports
Photo by Troy Taormina/USA Today Sports


  1. Typical Mexico game. Classless fans throwing stuff at opposing players. Diving and complaining when things aren’t going their way. Then wasting time after they finally obtained the desired result.

    Having said that, the two goals were fantastic. But Chicharito’s antics dragging a defender to the turf trying to con the referee into awarding a penalty were shameful. And immediately afterwards, Moreno going studs into the Venezuelan goalkeeper brought back memories of Rafa Marquez kicking Tim Howard in 2009.

  2. At the risk of being called a classless Mexican by slowleftarm, that was a great game with 2 great goals and a handful of great saves by both keepers.
    Mexico should’ve gotten at least two pk calls in their favor.

    • Of course they should have… Slowleftarm wouldn’t be wrong.
      You show up and disappear at the most predictable times. I would be ashamed to support that team or be a part of that rabid fan base. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • At least left has a valid opinion every now and then. You are just full of piss and ignorance. All this because I called your plan to “punch the other team in the mouth” ignorant? I’m sorry but it is beyond ignorant. Nobody has ever accused the USNT of not trying hard enough or not having the hearth. Lacking skills on the other hand, that we are guilty of and no amount of “punching in the mouth” is going to help.
        I thought we were far along enough as a soccer nation to were ignorant people like you didn’t exist anymore.
        I guess we are going to need another spraying.
        …..and Mix still sucks.

      • Awe, look at ya. Got your panties in a bunch.
        I think you mean “igniance”. I never said Mix was a star, only that he has shown SOME creative quality for the nats. As for the skill vs heart and desire debate.. Where is Brasil? Costa Rica/Colombia? I save the real conversing for people on here who are actually capable of that.
        That’ll be all, missy.

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