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Christian Pulisic scores in final Borussia Dortmund friendly


Christian Pulisic appears to be ready for the new season.

The 17-year-old U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder scored a well-worked goal in the 23rd minute as Borussia Dortmund defeated German third division side Hallescher FC 3-0 in the club’s final friendly of the preseason.

Pulisic made a brilliant run, which was spotted by Emre Mor. The young Turk sent in a stunning through ball for the American, who calmly finished to open the scoring.

The forward was linked with a loan move away from Dortmund, but the reports were shot down by his father.  With goals like that, it’s easy to understand why Pulisic wants to stay.

Dortmund begins its Bundesliga campaign on Saturday against Mainz.

Here is the goal below.



  1. Here’s what is weird to me. This is a friendly between a 3rd Division and 1st Division club in Germany yet the video/commentary is Russian. I have no idea what that means, but it seems strange that a Russian station would cover this and was there no German video? I know it’s not important, but I find international anomalies like this interesting.

      • Univision is an American company headquartered in Manhattan, broadcasting in the 2nd most spoken language in the US.

        Gary, if you look in the top corner its a Eurosport broadcast, like Bein TV, eurosport picks up the video feed and has announcers in multiple languages studios somewhere giving the play by play. The Russian feed might have been the one most readily available or first to link to. Search Hallescher FC – Borussia Dortmund Testspiel 2016 on youtube and you can find German highlights with much more Pulisic plays.

  2. What was most impressive was the timing of his run into space to get the ball between defenders. Would Jozy have made that run? And who would have made that pass?

  3. I’ve read people commenting on his size and age as a detractor for his ability to play (on loan or being sold) at another club or sustain the wear and tear, but I think people are under estimating how well this kid see’s the game. Furthermore, how he avoids the chaotic contact of a defender.

    Being in the right place at the right time and remaining cool under pressure is something this kid has in spades. Definitely exciting to see in the present and future.

    There’s no prisoner of the moment with Pulisic. This kid has IT.

    • It’s not about whether or not he can play. That’s obvious for all to see. It’s more about at what level and frequency he is prepared to play. He doesn’t have the experience in top division soccer over a long season to command a move to an established club and immediately step in and start, not at the present moment.

      These concerns were raised in the context of him leaving Dortmund. I think right now the situation he’s in suits him. He gets to play with top quality players against other top quality players and gets competitive matches here and there to rest the other players. But by the winter break he should be ready to either push into the Dortmund starting 11(more like 15 the way they shuffle around) on a regular basis OR be prepared to take the next step and take on a bigger role and a slightly worse club.

      In our haste to see him contribute we cannot forget that he is still very much a developing player. We shouldn’t underestimate the value of training and methodical integration into a system.

  4. He’s consitently a cool finisher. Something to watch for. Very rare at his age. If you look through his goals, this one is remarkably similar to his other finishes. He picks a spot and calmly goes for it. Was on display for his goal for the US.


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