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New potential destinations emerge for Yedlin


DeAndre Yedlin is a wanted man as the summer transfer window inches towards its close.

The Tottenham defender continues to draw interest from clubs throughout Europe, with a pair of Premier League club headlining those interested. David Moyes and Sunderland have publicly made their interest known in the U.S. Men’s National Team fullback, while recent reports have linked Hull City and Championship side Derby County with a potential deal. According to the Daily Mail, it would take a fee of roughly £3.5million to seal a move away from Tottenham.

However, Yedlin’s suitors are not limited to just England. On Wednesday, Trabzonspor became the latest linked to a move via reports that state that the Turkish club has made recent offer for the former Seattle Sounders star. The reported interest comes in the aftermath of a prolonged transfer saga with FC Dallas over a deal for winger Fabian Castillo.

Yedlin was left off of Tottenham’s first match day squad of the season for a 1-1 season-opening draw with Everton. The fullback, who also was left off the roster for the club’s final preseason friendly, featured at both right and left back in the buildup to the season.

What do you think of the latest Yedlin reports? Which club do you think would be a logical landing spot?

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  1. Hull City looked pretty good on Saturday against the defending champs. They provide everything Sunderland supplies, in the BPL, likely fighting to keep their place, plus they actually know what it takes to win. They needed to win a semi-final and a one off final to gain promotion. Hull City won as many games last season as Sunderland has won over the last three (I know against much weaker competition).

    In 2014 and 2015 Hull’s last two years in the PL they won one more game than Sunderland, had a better goal differential, and only earned 4 fewer match points.

    It would nice for US fans if Yedlin and Gooch were playing together for Sunderland, but Hull is hardly a bad spot for Yedlin.

  2. Small wrinkle in this, there’s a rumor Trippier, spurs back up RB, is going on loan to Aston Villa. If he does I can’t imagine Spurs sell or loan Yedlin too. They rotated their outside backs a lot last season and will need to again this year with Champions League.

  3. That is true, don’t really know Moyes’ plans, but after he was appointed manager Sunderland has still been linked with Yedlin. But don’t think Moyes has said anything personally on the matter.

    • I think Turkish teams are finding it hard to bring in players with everything going on in Syria and the random events within Turkey.

    • Based purely on the league competition I would agree with Sunderland being an ideal standpoint from a fans perspective, but what really made it the ideal landing spot was Sam Allardyce.

      All bets are off anywhere else at this standpoint – I have no idea if David Moyes regards Yedlin in the same fashion.

      • But of course…. Allardyce did not regard Yedlin as a starter in the beginning. He had to earn, demonstrate that as he will under Moyes. That said, Yedlin is in a much better position now. He at least has a resume/track record of EPL games for Moyes to judge him by. If a transfer fee of any size is paid out, Moyes most likely already sees value and will have more reason to see him in an important role on the team going forward.

      • But of course…. Allardyce did not regard Yedlin as a starter in the beginning.

        Yea I agree with this line of thinking. I was just disappointed when Big Sam took the England job knowing it would have a direct impact on Yedlin.

      • Let’s not forget Moyes history with American players and he is quoted as saying Americans have a way about them that he really likes. If I recall correctly he brought Eddie Lewis and Brian McBride to England when he managed Preston North End. We all know he managed Tom Howard for the majority of his career in the UK and the 2 loans for Landon Donovan also epitomize his admiration for US players. I’m actually puzzled as to why Sunderland haven’t snatched up Yedlin as of yet but I think they will get done soon. I hope anyways

  4. 2/3rds the way through the season and past the start of the Euro season. He can go to Sunderland or Turkey…..maybe.

    The way these Euro leagues and their teams managed are a dream come true for me. Next time the next wave of money comes to MLS, he will be back along with even more players realizing that MLS is very good choice.

    Shame he has to waste years of his career in the meantime, but he is getting more money at least.

    • From a creature comfort and guaranteed PT standpoint of course staying in the US and playing in MLS is the best option. From a skill, career development, pay, personal enrichment and adventure standpoint it most certainly is not. It’s one thing to be dedicated to growing the game in the US but when you are so dedicated to growing (or profiting from the growth of) American soccer that you are making posts like the one you just did, not only are you insulting the intelligence of the reader but you are also showing a complete lack of regard for the player, what is best for them and ignoring the reality that MLS is not on the level of Championship soccer, let alone a top league. If you had your way and all of America’s best remained in MLS for good with zero aspirations to test the world market or try for more in 2016 then we will never make it out of group play at the WC. When you lack education, you go to where the education is. You don’t get provincial and paranoid and develop a chip on your shoulder about your lack of education. This extends into every domain of learning. A city college student who aspires to solve the fusion problem someday will aspire to do the best he can and the transfer to a better school where he can continue his education and then after that a better school where he can get an advanced degree and so on. MLS is not the cutting edge or close to it. It has a place but we need to be honest about it.

  5. The non-Sunderland options seem like a considerable step down from Sunderland itself. Hopefully he goes there. It worked well last year although obviously they now have a new coach.


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