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USWNT pleased with Olympic-opening win, but looking ahead to bigger tests

Photo by John David Mercer/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by John David Mercer/USA TODAY Sports

The U.S. Women’s National Team didn’t exactly look like a fine-tuned machine on Wednesday night. Still, the reigning Olympic gold medalists began their defense with an ideal result, one which sets them up nicely for the more difficult hurdles that lie ahead.

In the end, it was the USWNT’s superstars that stepped up in a 2-0 win over New Zealand. Carli Lloyd got the USWNT started with a 10th minute finish, while Alex Morgan started the second half with a bang by scoring just over 30 seconds in. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was effective, as the USWNT never looked truly threatened in a match that saw them cruise through the second half.

Overall, it was a performance worth building upon, one which got the team acclimated to Rio with a successful effort.

“I think we’ve been kind of waiting for this moment to happen, the first game,” Lloyd said. “Now that we have the first game under our belt, we can just continue our rhythm. I think that we get better as the tournament goes on and that’s great because you want to peak at the end of the tournament. For us it’s just continuing to stick to our gameplan.”

From the onset, the USWNT faced several challenges. New Zealand kept the game scrappy, and the USWNT was pressured early and often throughout what turned out to be a rugged game.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian crowd was firmly against the Americans, and Hope Solo in particular. Every Solo touch was met with boos and later chants of  “Zika”, mocking the goalkeeper’s social media discussion of the virus.

Still, the USWNT was able to strike early in each half to ease some of the nerves and quite any doubts over their supremacy on the night.

“We wanted to come out strong and dictate the tempo,” Morgan said. “We wanted to go after them more. It’s interesting that it was only 34 seconds into the second half because I felt like there was so much play in our final third in those 34 seconds, almost as much as in the first half. It’s crazy to think it was in the first minute of coming back out. I felt like we needed it after the last 20 minutes of the first half was not that great of soccer. We came out and dominated and did well to finish off the game.

“It felt really good to get our first win under us,” the USWNT forward added. “As the game wore on, we played better and better and possessed better and dictated the tempo of the game. There was a little bit of a lull  in the first half, but I feel like getting our goals early in the first half and early in the second half, we were able to put them away early and feel good with finishing the game strong.”

With three points in their back pockets, the USWNT face what could very well be one of their toughest tests of the tournament.

Saturday’s opponent, France, is currently ranked third in the world and boast plenty of talent. After finishing fourth at the last World Cup, France enters with a “bitter taste”, according to Morgan, one which should serve as an even bigger motivator ahead of a clash with the top-ranked USWNT.

France opened the tournament with a win as well. It took just two minutes for France to begin an onslaught of Colombia in a match that ended 4-0, sending France to the top of Group G for the time being. With stars like Louisa Necib and Amadine Henry leading the way, France is exactly the team the USWNT wants to see as the look to fully immerse themselves in this summer’s major tournament.

“I think France has got some great talent. They play really well and like to attack,” Lloyd said. “It’s going to be a very open game, a technical game. New Zealand was on the scrappier side, a tough and grittier game. We’ll have that but we’ll also have some space to play and do what we do best and mix it up in the final third. We have to be ready for anything, but we are familiar with them and we’ve done well against them in the past, but we just have to get it done.

“What happens in this tournament with the quick turnaround is that you can’t focus too much on New Zealand,” Lloyd added. “We’ll make some adjustments I’m sure. The coaches will have some things to implement. All eyes are on France now. We’re really happy with the team and on to the next.”


  1. The U.S. looked good in the 1st match against a team which only gave up 2 goals total in the 2015 WC and who beat Brazil in Brazil in 2016. As for Ryan Tolmich’s comment that “From the onset, the USWNT faced several challenges. New Zealand kept the game scrappy, and the USWNT was pressured early and often throughout what turned out to be a rugged game”, I don’t know what match he was watching but it couldn’t have been the same one I was. NZ didn’t have a decent
    shot, or threat on goal the entire match as the U. S. back-line was as solid as ever. NZ rarely gives up more than 2 goals, so the U.S. probably got as many as anyone will in this Tournament. While
    ragging on Ryan Tolmich, let ‘s look at his comment that “France is exactly the team the U. S. wants to see”. I say just the opposite. If France beats the U. S., the U. S., will, in all probability have to face Germany in the first knockout round. Then they will have to face France again in the Finals if they make it that far. That is a recipe for disaster. What you need is an easier path to the Gold
    Medal game. Let Germany and France duke it out to see who gets to the finals.

    Anyway, IMHO, the winner of the U.S. France match today will be the favorite to win the Gold.
    The key to the U.S. chances will be to withstand the traditional 1st half French onslaught, and
    then pull it out in the 2nd half, just like at the We Believe Cup. Unlike 2012, if this French team
    gets out to a 2-0 lead, there won’t be any comeback win. In that situation, a 2-2 draw by the
    U.S. would be considered an amazing comeback.

    My prediction – France winning 2-1 with either a 1-1 or 2-2 draw being the next most probable outcome. The French team here at the Olympics is the best French Women’s National Team to ever take the field!!!

  2. Probably because per the Olympic charter, teams aren’t allowed to use their crests. You can have the name of the country and/or the nation’s IOC logo but not the regular crest.

    So no, this isn’t the new crest moving forward

  3. That “USA” logo is so bland, boring and not befitting for our national team. The new crest looks like something you would see on our basketball team in Rio.

    Just a random thought. The individuals employed to create them have failed.


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