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Pulisic scores late to lead Dortmund to draw with Ingolstadt


Christian Pulisic may not have started Saturday’s clash with Ingolstadt, but he certainly finished it in style.

After entering as a halftime substitute, Pulisic scored a stoppage time goal to earn Borussia Dortmund a 3-3 draw with Ingolstadt. The 18-year-old’s 91st minute winner came after he set up Adrian Ramos for the game’s second goal, finishing Saturday’s match with a goal and an assist in 45 minutes of work.

Pulisic’s assist was an accidental flick, but his goal couldn’t have been more intentional. On a cross from Felix Passlack, Lukasz Piszczek fired a header that was saved by Ingolstadt goalkeeper Ørjan Nyland. Pulisic was there to tuck home the rebound, earning Dortmund a late point from a two-goal comeback.

The goal was Pulisic’s fourth career Bundesliga finish and first since September 17.

Check out a video of Pulisic’s finish below:


  1. He was off balance when he connected and didn’t hit it cleanly. Lucky shot – not impressed – we should not celebrate this.


    • Good thing you added the closing sarcasm tag. Just think of the responses. Perhaps sbi would have preferred to not to get the returning hits 😉

  2. People tend to focus on Pulisic’s skills and flashes of speed, but his best asset is his ability to follow the play and keep his positioning. He just has a feel for being in the danger area that can’t be taught. It’s going to be hard for Tuchel when his squad is back at full strength.

    Meanwhile, Julian “he’s going to play soon” Green not even on the bench again for the league giants. So much for getting him on the pitch while his form was up from international duty. I guess he’s not even considered for top half of the table matches or anything remotely important. Disappointing to say the least. At least being on the bench put him an injury away from meaningful competition.

    • Yeah Mexico is fast approaching with a lot of things up in the air. Green looked good in the friendlies (against some pretty average sides) but if doesn’t see the field for the next month how much of a role can he play? Same with Gooch really. Guys like Bedoya could very well be out of the playoff by this time next week. 2 of our hardest matches really coming at an awkward time and transition.

      • Playing a full 90 at least once a week is important for match fitness. You can train for 45 minutes twice in two hours, but you can’t replicate the intensity of fighting for every ball except for in a game with stakes, like a cup or league match. 15 minutes isn’t doing him any good at all.

      • Gooch wasn’t going to be a starter in either of the November USMNT matches. Neither he nor Green are anywhere near that point. They don’t have the chemistry with the team or the game fitness required to play against Mex or CR. Best either could hope for would be for late game subs….coming on in the last 10-15 minutes.

  3. PC continues to impress. And his teammates and the fans really seem to support him. He’s in a great place, in excellent form, and seeming to get better & better.

    • Clearly the kid is skilled but the reason he is getting so many chances at such a young age is his fight on both sides of the ball. Not wanting to name any names but you some other young players that might be just as skilled not always willing to do that as regularly.

      • From what I can tell he’s got world class acceleration, work rate and anticipation. He’s also extremely well rounded and doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses, which is remarkable for an 18 year old. I think it’s his acceleration which has allowed him to advance so quickly. He’s like a waterbug who can skitter in any direction at full speed at any second, which seems to make him impossible to mark. That, combined with his ability to read the game means that a guy who’s impossible to mark is constantly popping up in the right spot. That’s a deadly combination, especially when he does the defensive work that increases his value even when he’s not scoring. He doesn’t have the crazy close control or ball striking ability that we saw from 18 year old stars like Giggs, Messi, Ronaldo, etc., so I’d guess his ceiling is below that elite superstar level but he might be able to top out just below that level, maybe. Who knows, this is all just speculation but it sure is fun speculation.

    • Don’t forget it takes hard work to be in the right place at the right time. If you watch Pulisic, he’s often making those late runs to the far post, without reward. Today he got his reward.


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