Swansea City owner: Judge Bradley on performance, not 'accent or passport'

Swansea City owner: Judge Bradley on performance, not 'accent or passport'


Swansea City owner: Judge Bradley on performance, not 'accent or passport'


Swansea City co-owner Jason Levien understands the skepticism behind the recent appointment of Bob Bradley. However, he also understands his own belief that the club has hired who he believes is the best man for the job.

Bradley’s hiring has been met with skepticism, for several reasons. Despite a poor run of recent form, former manager Francesco Guidolin faced plenty of hurdles to start the season. After helping Swansea avoid relegation last season, the Italian boss faced an incredibly difficult start to the season as the schedulemakers booked the Swans to take on Leicester City, Southampton, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool in five consecutive weeks.

While Guidolin’s departure was not entirely surprising, the hiring of Bradley, for many, was. Reportedly in contention alongside Welsh legend Ryan Giggs, Bradley was seen as a European outsider who had yet to prove his mettle in a top league. In addition, his hiring was met with cries of favoritism, as an American coach’s first chance with a Premier League team came under new American ownership.

Levien insists there’s no favoritism. Rather, he says Bradley proved to be the right candidate, one that he believes has everything needed to lead Swansea going forward.

“The reason we appointed Bob is not because he’s American but because we believe he’s the best man for the job,” Levien told TalkSport. “Neither (co-owner Steve Kaplan) nor I had met Bob before we interviewed him last Friday but we did know him by reputation – and he lived up to that high reputation. He is a top class leader, tactically very smart and has the strength of character we believe will make an immediate impact in the dressing room and on the training ground.

“Anybody who knows Bob knows he would only take a job if believed he was getting it on merit, not because we simply wanted another American at the club. We just want the fans to give him a chance and judge him on the job he does, not his accent or passport.”

Bradley takes charge of his first match with Swansea on Oct. 15 for a visit to Arsenal.

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