Ancelotti: No relegation 'demotivates' MLS clubs

Ancelotti: No relegation 'demotivates' MLS clubs

Major League Soccer

Ancelotti: No relegation 'demotivates' MLS clubs



Carlo Ancelotti, current Bayern Munich manager, says the lack of relegation in Major League Soccer is hurting the league.

Speaking to ESPN FC, Ancelotti says he has accepted the differences of the league after spending time in Canada following the Vancouver Whitecaps. However, while the current system does level the playing field, Ancelotti says he believes in a system where top-flight status isn’t assured.

“I think the fact that there is no relegation hurts, because it is demotivating,” Ancelotti said. “I’d watch Vancouver and they weren’t doing well but, hey, what changes if they finish last? They don’t get relegated, they still get paid… But that’s the structure of U.S. sports and you have to respect it.

“I spent a lot of time in Canada last year and watched a lot of MLS,” he added. “It’s different, it’s a different approach, the way everything is structured is geared towards a spectacle, towards parity, rather than flat-out dog-eat-dog competition.”

The Bayern Munich boss has spent his whole career in Europe. He has managed some of the top clubs in the world.

The debate between whether or not MLS should use the relegation system has gone on for some time. In December, Don Garber mentioned that the league has found success by using the same format as other U.S. sports leagues. 

Ancelotti also said that he would inform top European players not to leave Europe while still in their primes.

“I think as long as you can stay at or near the top of the football world,that’s what you do.” Ancelotti said. “And right now, the pinnacle is right here in Europe.”

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