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NASL parts ways with Bill Peterson


The latest domino to fall in the tumultuous offseason for the NASL came on Monday, just two days after the NASL retained second-division status in a decision made by the U.S. Soccer Federation.

The league and commissioner Bill Peterson opted to part ways on Monday. While the search for a new commissioner takes place, Rishi Sehgal, the current director of business development and legal affairs will serve as interim commissioner. Peterson had been commissioner of the league since 2012.

“The last four years have been incredibly exciting and challenging,” Peterson said in the league statement. “The league and clubs accomplished so much during this time and I am very proud to have been a part of it. I am especially proud of the effort and accomplishments of so many others along the way.”

“There is a lot of work still to be done and now is the time to allow someone else to come in and lead the next phase of development for the NASL. I would like to thank the owners, clubs, coaches, players, sponsors, staff, and fans for all of their support and I wish the NASL much success in the future”.

The new-look NASL is still focusing on growing the league, with a few markets rumored to be interested in bringing in new franchises, but for the time being, there are only eight clubs set to start the spring season. The league said Monday that it “take a more prudent approach to expansion with a more rigorous vetting process by creating an Expansion Committee”.

After plenty of speculation about the team’s demise, the New York Cosmos will once again be at the forefront of the league’s franchises. FC Edmonton, Indy Eleven, Jacksonville Armada, Miami FC, North Carolina FC, Puerto Rico FC and the San Francisco Deltas round out the eight-team format for 2017.


  1. Time for the NASL and NPSL to join forces…let the top 8 NPSL clubs once this season is complete, join the NASL in a premier division and the rest become the NASL/NPSL second division with Div 3 status…of course the idea of the NASL attracting new expansion Div 2 clubs to expand to 24 – 32 clubs within the next few years, otherwise, it looks like NASL will become an irrelevant Div 3 independent league

  2. Good news for NASL. They need a new commissioner moving forward. Good to see the NASL recognizing the areas they need to improve in. There’s a place for the independent NASL in the US soccer pyramid for sure along with the MLS’s minor league USL with its reserves and affiliates.

    • Really? Do you see the USL map of geographical spread versus NASL’s? That USL has the II teams? That NASL has Edmonton, PR, Jax, Miami, and a Bay Area team when SJ already exists? About all they have is Indy going for them. Combination of MLS expansion and USL’s reach makes it harder to find a new location worthy of pro sports and interested in soccer.

      Let’s be real, MLS and USL probably let D2 go nominally to NASL so it can’t complain about its status if they ever sue. “It was the second division the whole time, their fault if they can’t run as good a league.” Not entirely true, MLS chose to favor USL. But NASL’s decision to not just go it alone but also aggressively spend money proved naïve. The teams proved not good enough for USOC and so it was aggressive finances on minor league budgets and attendance, an ironic repeat of the fate of their league namesake.

      If I was NASL I would have stuck with him because they acted like preserving their level was everything and he did it. I think he should also be responsible for how the league has gone lately, but having pretended like D2 was everything what way to repay the boss for securing it, is this. Destabilizing right after claimed stabilizing. Not wise. Probably why this is circling the drain.

      I think there is room for another league between PDL and USL, and I think the D2 vs D3 is just semantics, we have no pro rel where it really means something. But with the way the locomotive is running down the tracks for USL, the wise approach would be pull back, survive or perhaps even suspend for a while, and let USL settle on its cities, then build a league in the cracks. But the idea of toe to toe with a league backed by MLS and with many teams owned or affiliated by MLS is silly.

  3. happy accident or subtle dig that you used a picture of him in front of an RayoKC backdrop? symbolism of why the league is in the situation they are….


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