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Harkes dropped as FC Cincinnati coach



John Harkes became the face of FC Cincinnati as head coach of the expansion USL squad in 2016, but he won’t be around to lead the team into year two.

FC Cincinnati announced on Friday night that Harkes has been relieved of his duties as head coach, with assistant coach Alan Koch set to replace the former U.S. Men’s National Team captain.

The announcement came hours after news of Harkes’ departure first broke on, which cited a power struggle between Harkes and FC Cincinnati president and general manager Jeff Berding.

Koch gives the team an experienced replacement, having coached Vancouver Whitecaps II during the 2016 USL season, and leading them to the playoffs. Koch was hired as assistant coach and director of scouting and analytics in December.

What do you think of this development? Surprised to see Harkes go? Think Koch is a good replacement? See Harkes resurfacing as a head coach soon?

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  1. Meola is awful on radio as is Harkes. I think Wynalda is goof on TV and radio. Harkes also has the problem of being very arrogant. Just read his book, which fails to mention his infidelity.

  2. Meola was a freaking goalie for gods sakes. He is a soccer idiot. Harkes never had a clue, neither does Wynalda. Why do people think that National team players know anything about coaching. They both played on instinct and that just does not make it in coaching. Its like asking Pele to coach. He had no clue, he could not do it. At least he was smart enough to know that. The same goes for Petke, he must learn his craft just like the others. If you listen to their insipid TV analysis, it becomes clear they dont know the game at all. For our TV, that seems to be O.K. but that is not good enough to coach.

      • I can not think of any high level coach who was a goalkeeper. Please refresh my memory. An American goalkeeper would be the dumbest of all to pick as a coach. They have no clue. They are shot stoppers only. All of them played before the sweeper keeper era so they all (Friedel, Meola, Etc,) NEVER had a concept of field play. The weakness of ALL USA goelkeepers is that their ability to play soccer is nonexistant. Thats why USA college goalkeepers as well as the pros all all not suitable for high level soccer. Thats why Howard got demoted as well . How many USA goalkeeepers are in the topflight now, by the way. Stop being so politically correct and do some thinking for god sakes. There is enough bullshit in USA soccer (see the under 20s) already for too long a time.

      • Well, an American goalkeeper did coach team USA to its deepest World Cup run in the modern era. Not to mention winning 5 MLS cups as coach of DC and LA.

  3. This is interesting. The coaches who were players for the 90-98 USMNT teams seem to be well connected but having problems with longevity. Meola was let go early in the season last year by his NASL or USL team. Wynalda has come and gone a couple times. Harkes was brought in but now is leaving because of a run in with the team president. Maybe these guys are better tv and radio commentators than anything else.

    • Wagner is doing pretty well. Ramos has stuck around with the u20s. Stewart and Clavijo are doing OK in their GM positions. Harkes, Waldo and Meola are three players out of dozens who played for the U.S. between 90 and 98. Shockingly, coaches come and go.


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