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Proposed MLS-Liga MX tournament held up due to scheduling issues


Like many ideas, a proposed tournament between MLS and Liga MX teams is fantastic in theory, but proving difficult to implement in practice.

While reaffirming that discussions are ongoing for the proposed inter-league tournament, MLS technical director Alfonso Mondelo has stated that scheduling difficulties are keeping the competition from being finalized, reports ESPN FC. Due to the disparate nature of each league’s schedule, with MLS running from March to November and Liga MX using the European standard July to May calendar, the two groups┬áhave encountered difficulties fitting in the tournament.

“Formats have been discussed, but there is nothing concrete,” said Mondelo. “We are waiting on various ideas and options. One of them is to have three, four or five teams from each league. The problem is finding dates that are open to insert [the tournament] into the calendars of both leagues.”

News of the proposed tournament followed shortly after Liga MX announced that its teams would not play in the Copa Libertadores this season. If a scheduling resolution is reached, Club America, Chivas, and Tijuana are likely to be included, as they would’ve featured in the Copa Libertadores.

“Projects to help the growth [of MLS] are always studied and [Mexico and the United States] are two sister nations soccer-wise,” Mondelo said. “We can have that important contact due to the large Latino and Mexican audience we have that would like to see this type of competition.”


  1. Doesn’t the CCL provide the opportunity for MLS v MX? Don’t waste our time!

    Personally,…I could care less about Liga Emma Eckkees.

    • I thought those games were super fun, actually. Even though the teams weren’t purely made up of Mexican and American players, the US-Mexico rivarly still came through big time. Almost every game was really heated. It was intense and competitive and fun and I think they should bring it back.

  2. Wow.

    I guess the season isn’t long enough? To say the season runs to Nov is just wrong. The teams selected aren’t going to be the worst teams are they? So the Sounders and the FCs played on December 10th. CCL fills in gaps.

    Don’t do it. I realize the reason ( $$$ )…don’t do it. We can watch Euro soccer for a few months, it is boring as heck as the league champs have already been decided, but it won’t kill us.

    • If this would have been considered several years ago, it might of happened to the detriment of the MLS. As usual the Mexican federation wants it when it is advantageous to it’s teams. This is why the MLS got stuck with playing CCL games in the pre-season (and losing) as the Central American and Mexico federation held out on moving back the CCL games 4-6 weeks as it would have bumped up against their finals (and playoff games) So the MLS capitulated and we have a poor situation. The Liga MX wants these games to make money for itself and it’s teams from US TV rights and gate. The MLS needs to play hardball as they want these games more than the MLS does.


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