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Joe Gyau scores first goal with SG Sonnenhof Großaspach

Joe Gyau has had a long road to recovery, but that road produced a wonderful moment on Wednesday afternoon.

The 24-year-old American scored in the second minute of Wednesday’s clash with Vfl Osnabruck, leading the way in a 1-0 win. The finish put an end to his goal drought in Germany’s 3. Liga (third division) after 11 appearances with the club.



The former Borussia Dortmund winger joined SG Sonnenhof Großaspach back in January on an 18-month deal as he looked to battle back from long-term injury. Prior to his injury issues, Gyau earned two caps for the U.S. Men’s National Team after an extended career on the youth level.

SG Sonnenhof Großaspach currently sits 7th in the 3. Liga table with 46 points after 31 games played.


  1. Be nice if Gyau could get back into the mix. He’s got difference-making speed and might make a nice complement to Nagbe and Pulisic on the wing, a spot where we’re notably deficient at the moment. Right now we’re playing some mostly C-mid/outside mid tweeners like Bedoya and Zusi or trying to convert natural forwards to wingers, but aside from Nagbe and Pulisic (who I like a whole lot better as our #10 central attacking midfielder), there’s a notable dearth of guys who like to operate in space and who have both the pace and ability on the ball to really threaten down the flank.

    Gyau was looking like a guy who could be one of those before his injury. Be interesting to see what we could really do with a midfield full of guys who are both nifty and pacy as opposed to what amounts to a bunch of hard-running bangers we have now.

    • There are actually a number of prospects for wide players “who like to operate in space and who have both the pace and ability on the ball to really threaten down the flank.” Recently many of these players have either been injured and/or haven’t been given an opportunity due to where the USMNT is in the qualification table (Bruce’s concerns regarding experience).
      Green, Arriola, Gooch, Manneh, even Zardes (fans may not like his touch, but his speed and hustle has been missed), are all comfortable on the wing and bring creativity and/or explosive speed. Then there is still the possibility of Fabian in the midfield instead of the back line.
      Gyau could still make it back into the picture, but he’s got a long road back.

      • I see where you are coming from but none of the guys you listed have shown they can consistently be relied on and produce for the national team, specifically against higher level competition. Most have a small sample size if any(same for Gyau), aside from Zardes I suppose. Who knows what the future holds for those fellas. We need all the depth and quality we can get and Gyau seemed to have real promise prior to the injury. Like you said it is a long road but I do hope he gets back in fold. If we can get our left back situation sorted out and move Johnson up we might finally be on to something in the attack with real threat going forward. Some combination of Dempsey, Johnson, Wood and Pulisic would be fun to watch.

      • Lost, not sure I would consider Manneh as an option for multiple reasons(can’t play wing, made of glass, has one speed)? Also, Zardes sadly is injured ad on the clock until recovered(feet are difficult).
        Fabian Johnson would be excellent on the right where he spends most of his time for his club team. Especially, if Villafana can be effective at LB. would be cool overlaps with Nagbe and Villa, FabJ and Yedlin.
        I wonder how long Arena keeps going with two forwards? There are times and places were Woods and Altidore work. Woods workrate/skill set would mesh better with technical speedy possession mid’s Don’t know the answer and just pondering?
        I’m pulling for Gyau! Speed is an asset but speed with IQ and skills are highly impactful on the pitch.

      • @twomillerule you are not right in the head if you think Manneh cannot play wing. Stop hating for no reason

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