Suspect detained in Dortmund bus bomb investigation

Suspect detained in Dortmund bus bomb investigation

UEFA Champions League

Suspect detained in Dortmund bus bomb investigation

German authorities are moving quickly to resolve the scary incident that took place yesterday in Dortmund.

After three small bombs detonated outside of the Borussia Dortmund team bus while the team was traveling to the stadium ahead of it’s UEFA Champions League match on Tuesday, police rapidly mobilized to gain control of the situation. Today, German authorities released a statement detailing the method of the attack and stating that several letters were found on the scene in addition to one suspect being arrested and the other actively pursued.

The letters reportedly demand a withdrawal of troops from Syria, as well as the closure of an American airbase in the area. Each of the two suspects are identified as belonging to the ‘Islamic spectrum’ and one has been arrested for questioning. The statement said that while the event has a terrorist background, the exact motive of the attack remains unclear.

After the bombings, in which defender Marc Bartra was mildly injured by debris from the explosion and was taken to the hospital, Tuesday’s UCL match against Monaco was cancelled. The match will instead take place on Wednesday at 12:45 p.m. ET.

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