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Gulati ‘pleased’ as FIFA approves fast-tracking of 2026 World Cup process

Photo by Catalina Fragoso/USA Today Sports

North America won’t have exclusive bidding rights to the 2026 World Cup, but FIFA did approve the fast-tracking process to determine hosting duty, making the path a bit easier for the combined bid from the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

At Wednesday’s FIFA congress, FIFA officially approved the fast-tracking process with ninety-three percent of the 209 members voting in favor of the plan. As a result, any nations looking to compete with the combined U.S., Canada, Mexico bid would need to submit a proposal by Aug. 11 before meeting a list of FIFA’s technical specifications by March 2018.

A final decision on which bid will be awarded hosting duties will be made at the 68th FIFA Congress, which will convene in Moscow on June 13, 2018.

“We asked for both, but we’re very pleased with the outcome, for us the far more important issue was the short window, and that’s for a lot of different reasons,” U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati told ESPN. “We think we’re particularly well placed in a short window but the thought of a three-year process trying to visit 211 members. We’re ready to go.

“There will be a short window and whether other people come in or not, our bid won’t be any different. We’re going to bid aggressively on meeting those standards, so we’re pleased with yesterday’s outcome.”

Gulati says he expects meetings to begin next week as the three nations look to combine to get the ball rolling. President Donald Trump has been particularly supportive, Gulati said, as have various sections of the governments across the three nations.

“I think we’re going to have an extraordinary bid,” Gulati said. “We weren’t going to be awarded the World Cup in these next two days regardless. It was going to be a process to meet a certain set of standards. We’re going to meet and exceed those standards. Whether there are other bids or not, we’re going to have an irresistible bid for the FIFA congress next summer.”


  1. well, anyway, it looks safe to say mark your calendars, wc in usa/canada/mexico in 2026, yes?

  2. Alex Jones is an “indy” investigative reporter. he usually covers “hot topics” in world news. he regularly reports on global trends and wars and the conspiracy for global government. i have lots of respect and admiration for that man. one of the last real reporters. treasure him.

    • The problem as i see it iis – and this is huge – is that the globablists basically own and control all major media (tv, newspaper, radio). the internet popped up out of nowhere, so that’s why we can get a little indy news from a guy like Alex Jones. but before the internet, they had the media so locked down i think almost zero indy news every got through. (when jfk was assinated, our parents were told and they believed ‘lone gunman/magic bullet’. when pearl harbor was attacked by japan, our granparents were told and they believed ‘suprise attack’. when the stock market collapsed in 1929, our great grandparents were told and they believed it was some kind of financial accident.) what people think of as “news” (abc, cbs, nbc, fox, cnn) is “coporate news” and the biggest corporations are basically interconnected with the globalists. the big fish have gobbled up the little fish in news and in probably every type of business, globally. anyway, my point is that the existance of these globalists is not reported in the corporate news. and the meetings that they have each year (bilderberg convention, for example) is not reported, is it? and the agenda of the globalists is not reported in corporate news. nor are their great strides and their great progress that they make each year toward reaching their ultimate goal of global government reported in the corporate news, either. is it? in the future, i think there will probably be a “new internet” that can be controlled in a way similar to the way the FCC controls USA airways and that will be the end of the indy news glitch and we can all then go back to our daily allotment of coporate news and live our lives unaware of the people and the political forces that shape the global government of the world today. what a sad day that will be.

      • UPDATE: fyi i visited Alex Jones’ website and i’m sorry to say it arrears to have changed. it appears to now be a fan site for president trump. including a reader Poll asking the deep, probing question ‘should Donald trump be given a parade?’ a few years ago, his website was hard-hitting news about the new world order. i’m very disappointed to see this apparent change.

    • Lil’ Bobby:
      I used to know a kid in middle school who said dumb stuff all the time just so people would pay attention to him, even though he was usually off topic. What does that have to do with you? Everything…


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