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Highlights: U.S. U-20s 3, Ecuador 3


  1. The RB that fell and tumbled over needs to do better if he wants a nats career. After he fell again trying to get back after the first fall i was done.

  2. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Tyler Adams pulling a Wondo and missing a sitter from less than 10 yards out.

      • it’s called karma, and as the saying goes “the same things that make you laugh, can make you cry”! The US were absolutely lucky to have pulled out that draw and JK Jr. did himself no favors with that performance which will be ridiculed and picked apart because of it and his theatrics a few summers ago!

    • I am not sure which is sadder Klinsman’s play on the third goal or grown men bashing a kid for tweeting a response to a friend when he was sixteen or seventeen.

      If you look at the comment in context he wasn’t laughing at Donovan he was laughing that he found out the roster choices from a notification not from his own dad.

      • “he wasn’t laughing at Donovan he was laughing that he found out the roster choices from a notification not from his own dad”

        nah. the “PHONE NOTIFIED ME” bit muddied the water, but it was definitely a mean-spirited tweet mocking a guy for not making the team.

        as for the running joke—i think it can still be funny if done well; and i doubt jonathan cares one way or the other.

      • So it’s ok to be “mean spirited” to 20 year old to defend a 35 year old. Read some teenagers tweets sometimes their full of hahahs and lols and silly emojis, there just place fillers doesn’t mean they are actually laughing or about to be ill ?.

      • So it’s ok to be “mean spirited” to 20 year old to defend a 35 year old.

        Yes of course it is. This whole “he’s a kid” thing you are doing is too much. And in my opinion you are completely wrong about how you interpreted his comment. C’mon man. He was clearly laughing/mocking that Donovan got left off the team, not that he found out from his phone. You can’t possibly actually believe that??!!??

        Bottom line he is/was entitled to not like and mock Donovan. And everyone is entitled to mock and not like little Jurgen. Age doesn’t matter. Everyone involved are adults (Donovan, both Klinsmanns, and the fans).

      • Who knows what he meant, we never got to see what he was responding to because he deleted his account. He didn’t hashtag donovan or say it @landondonovan so it was clearly meant for his friends not people following him on twitter hoping to glean secret information. Teenagers say stupid stuff on social media all the time just as we said stupid stuff to our friends when we were teenagers, the difference is we said it the mall to five people kids today say it millions of people around the world with out even realizing it.

        If he’s responding to something like “Bro why didn’t you tell us Donovan wasn’t making the team” his comment makes sense he’s laughing about that even he didn’t know. If he responded to “Dude your dad finally got back at LD for getting him fired at Bayern” then yeah he’s clearly making fun of Donovan. And if he was what does it matter, every time there is story about Donovan on this site four or five people say much more disparaging things about him than Jonathan did.

        If you want to believe that JK had it out for Landon you see the tweet one way. If you think JK was just a poor judge of talent that hit big on guys like Yedlin and Wood, but missed on guys like Shea and Ibarra you see it as teenager popping off to his friends.

      • I didn’t mind Jr Klinsmann’s comment. Didn’t bug me like it did others. Like I said he was entitled to not I like Donovan. My interpretation has always been that Jurgen Klinsmann didn’t like Donovan and planned to leave him off the squad, not because Donovan wasn’t good enough, but just to screw him. Jr Klinsmann knew about this. So when Jurgen laid the hammer down, JR Klinsmann was celebrating it.

        I could be wrong, but I doubt it. It was definitely something along those lines.

      • Went back and found the screenshot of the tweet not sure about the crying emojis (I had forgotten them) you and Nate might be right. I think some people give JK too much credit for being this mastermind pulling the strings on different theories, I think he was just a guy who went with his gut and therefore took risks believing they would pay off (trying to save a sub for Rimando to do PKs, changing formation right before Mexico, playing players in non normal positions, taking youngsters to the WC, calling in Bobby Wood when he couldn’t get minutes in 2Bundesliga, using his only signing spot to bring Donovan to Bayern). Most of the time these risks didn’t pay off.

        Still maintain its not really worth throwing it out every time he makes a mistake. If Landon wanted to tweet about Jonathan not making a squad fair game, but not sure its necessary from posters.

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