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Report: PSV Eindhoven, Feyenoord possible loan landing spots for Miazga

Matt Miazga shined during his loan spell at Vitesse, and it appears his performances will produce a temporary move to a bigger club.

According to Goal, Miazga will spend the 2017-18 season on loan away from Chelsea, although he is reportedly set to depart Vitesse. According to the report, fellow Dutch clubs PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord are both among the options. The latter recently claimed the Eredivisie crown while the former finished third in the league.

Miazga helped lead Vitesse to a fifth place finish as well as a Dutch Cup victory that will see the club play in Europe next season. Miazga made 23 appearances for the club in league play while featuring six additional times in cup matches.

At this point, Chelsea is reportedly waiting to see what offers come in for the former New York Red Bulls centerback, who appears set for a step up in level.

The club reportedly had loan offers from two Premier League clubs and Spanish side Espanyol last summer but the two deals broke down as the club held on to Miazga while finalizing a late move for David Luiz. The club is expected to meet with all of its loan players before the opening of the transfer window.


  1. I have this feeling that Chelsea is more interested in selling him and making money than keeping him. This move would be good since both are top Dutch teams and could provide the gateway to a top league. Maybe from Holland next year to the Bundesliga the year after that.

    • That is correct. Chelsea is crazy with something like 100 players out on loan. The only way Miazga plays for Chelsea in the next two years is if he is starting with PSV and they win the Europa League or something crazy like that. Still – he’s in a great place for a 21-year old and I think a transfer within the same league would be great for him – less transition (language, culture, league, etc) and better chance he can play right away.

    • True, but Chelsea will not sell him yet, or before he gets playing time at a good (and big) club, which make him more valuable, His contract is up in 2020, so he has about a year and a half before its time to re-sign or sell. As his market value, right now at Vitesse is only 2.5-3M, below what Chelsea paid for him 4.5M (due mainly by his current team, not performance or potential) getting to a bigger club is important to boost his value. Chelsea does not sell at a loss, if at all possible, so I think they wont sell him until a club offer at the very least 5-6M, and that will not come from a Dutch Team.

      • Remember that Loan’s usually cover most, if not all of a players salary. Therefore Chelsea isn’t negatively impacted sending players out while the player develops. ultimately they hope that their loaned players either develop enough to be integrated into the 1st team, or another interested party is willing to buy them at a value that is profitable.
        If Chelsea paid 4.5M for Miazga in 2016…and the contract runs through 2020 that’s 1.1M per year. So long as their loan agreements are for at least 80% of the contract value and they sell before he becomes a free agent they’ll recoup their 4.5M investment. If he performs above expectation and someone makes an offer Chelsea will make a profit from the sale/transfer fee. They only lose if for some reason Miazga/loaned player is seriously injured or washes out.

      • To be clear players loaned out by Chelsea almost never come back to play for Chelsea. I forget the number exactly, but I figured it out and it was only 1 or 2 players over ten years that returned, and most never even played in the Premier League or other top league.

  2. Really encouraging. Keep improving and climb the ladder, young man. I’ve been excited about Miazga’s future since the U-20 World Cup in New Zealand.

  3. Interestingly Eindhoven will enter the Europa League in the 3rd qualifying round on July 27th, if a move there were to happen Miazga would not be able to play in the Gold Cup which runs until July 26th. I’m not sure he would be available anyway since any new club he joined would want him in July training anyway.

    • It really depends on if Arena wants him, not the club. The Gold Cup is on FIFA’s calendar, and clubs are required to make their players available to the NT

      • Arena would probably defer to Miazga I would think, makes a ton of sense to leave him at his club in my opinion.

      • Arena would not call him in and risk him being relagated to the bench on his new team. Yes, he would have the right to but it would hurt Miazga going forward.

    • Does the GC still have that “you can bring in reinforcements” thing after the group stage? If so, Miazga could be an option for the group stage, before being released back to his club.

      Could happen with a few guys, actually.

    • Unlikely, but per Gold Cup rules you can change players on the roster AFTER the first round. Arena COULD call up Miazga for the easier first round and send him back to the loan team although I imagine that becomes difficult to negotiate with both Chelsea and the loan team.

      • I couldn’t find if those roster rules are still in effect, but I assume they are. US plays its GC first round July 8-15. Eintract Frankfurt, Man U. and Swansea are all playing matches in the US during that week, and the International Champions Cup starts the 19th. Its unlikely any European player that is new to a team or battling for minutes will participate in the Gold Cup this time. You could see an AJ if he hasn’t secured a move by then or perhaps Gyau or Kiessewetter who are with lower division clubs that might be trying to increase their profile. I don’t really know that either of those last two have done enough this season to have earned a call up though.

  4. Good news he could make a step into a better team. Also news from schalke that Wright and mckinnie on the roster for this weekends game


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