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Reports: Orlando City star Cyle Larin arrested for DUI

Photo by Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Arrest reports indicate that Orlando City forward Cyle Larin was arrested for DUI early Thursday morning, reports WESH/NBC Orlando.

Larin, who did not participate in Orlando City’s U.S. Open Cup loss to Miami FC on Wednesday, was pulled over on Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando after reportedly driving on the wrong side of the road.

According to the report, he was stopped at 2:30 a.m. when his Cadillac was spotted entering Orange Avenue from the South Ivanhoe Boulevard ramp in the wrong direction. Another oncoming driver reportedly narrowly avoided a head-on collision as they were able to stop just in time.

The report claimed Larin’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy and that the smell of alcohol pervaded the vehicle. After two breathalyzer tests, Larin reportedly blew a 0.179 and 0.182, with the legal limit in Florida set at 0.08. He was sent to Orange County Jail.


  1. Well one, he is innocent until proven guilty. IF, IF the numbers are correct, innocent is not a word I would use however.

    Two, of all sports there should be ZERO of this in soccer. Does no one remember what a terrible, terrible decision that Charlie Davies made? Even worse, like Old School said, this can kill OTHERS’ loved ones, not just yourself.

    • Quit whining about Charlie Davies…he did drive on the night that he was involved in that distal wreck. Not the same thing.

  2. Another oncoming driver reportedly narrowly avoided a head-on collision as they were able to stop just in time.

    Drunk-driving took the life of a loved one. For me, personally, this topic is a sensitive one because of the ramificiations of how it not only jeopardizes your life being idiotic but those whom have nothing to do with your ignorant decision to get behind the wheel.

    If we’re to truly consider this a teachable moment, I hope MLS suspends him and he’s encouraged or required to attend A.A. meetings or M.A.D.D. seminar’s to gather a true scope of his actions and impact on those around him.

    Incredibly disappointing. He seems like a good guy, so, hopefully he gets his shit together.

    • Old School, my condolences. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

      It sounds like no one was physically injured in this incident. Hopefully, Larin and others can learn from this mistake.

      It’s one that I’ve made. Even after my own father and brother were in my Dad’s car when they were struck by a drunk driver (fortunately, neither one was injured)

      He’s going to have to make a choice about how he goes forward in order to avoid this being a recurring incident. Maybe this is a turning point.

  3. He should have gotten an Uber or Cab. I have been there before, it takes forever to get out of. If if you were lucky like me to get out of one that is a lesson learned and never repeated.

  4. Idiot. We all make mistakes. We all can learn from those mistakes. Let’s hope he does. Let’s hope he takes a serious look at himself. His future is so brought. A stupid, idiotic mistake can ruin his life and someone else’s life. I hope punishment is handed down legally, from the club, and from the league.

    Also just curious………how does this effect his US visa status? Could it be bigger issue because he is not a green card holder or US citizen?

      • Are you certain that it couldn’t end up potentially complicating the retention and/or renewal of his work visa?

        It’s my understanding from some previous training that it could adversely affect him; maybe things have changed.

    • His immigration/visa status should be OK as long as he is here legally (which of course, he is). I’ve had clients from all over the world get prosecuted for misdemeanor D.U.I. in Florida, and have only had a couple of folks get in immigration trouble for a D.U.I., and those were multiple time offenders, felons or people from nations of particular interest (and Canada is not one of these).

  5. No,…this is disappointing news. Hopefully a learning moment for him. Sort it out, take care of yourself and focus on your game.


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