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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Jozy Altidore

Photo by Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports

Jozy Altidore’s Gold Cup final was one to remember.

The forward’s free kick just before half time opened the scoring in impressive fashion for the U.S. Men’s National Team en route to a 2-1 win over Jamaica. Altidore’s blast flew right through the Jamaican wall and curled just out of the reach of a diving Dwayne Miller. It was his second goal of the tournament, and it was one that helped him earn SBI USMNT Man of the Match Honors.

That wasn’t Altidore’s only contribution to the match, though. He was smooth on the ball all night long as the U.S. dominated in possession. He played the full 90 minutes while taking two shots with one finding the back of the net.

It was an overall team win the the USMNT. Michael Bradley was strong in midfield, Omar Gonzalez was stout defensively, and Jordan Morris provided the winning goal late in the match, and the trio earned honorable mentions for their efforts. However, it was Altidore that took home MOTM honors to close out a memorable tournament win.

What did you think of Altidore’s performance? Who else stood out for you in Wednesday’s match?

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  1. Jozy has always been able to crush the ball. Prior to the 2010 WC, I attended a training session where the players were running onto balls and taking shots from about 20 yards out. I was in the stands above and about 25 yards behind the goal. Jozy took a shot that went high and missed my head by inches then rocketed off the cinder-block wall behind me. If I had been standing a foot to the right, I probably would still be dead.

  2. I’m tired of watching Arriola and especially Villafana slam crosses off defenders. Even when they do get a cross off it is usually poor service.

    • Bryan, I completely agree. passing and service in the final third was woeful. How many balls did both of them just knock into their defenders? It seems they are just attempting to hit hopeful balls into the box, they are not picking out a player and pinging it into them. I would much rather see them try to pick someone out and over hit the cross then just put balls in the box for lack of ideas.

    • What frustrates me even more is when they will make a run down the flank, have an opening for a cross, but then decide to try and fake out the defender, then dink around and maybe cut inside, then make another move, and then have to pass back to someone else and they don’t even get a cross off. Arriola was more guilty of that in this game. Although Zardes didn’t have a particularly good game in his short time on the field, at least he didn’t screw around. As soon as he had an opening, he got the cross off and “put it in the mixer”. And that’s how Morris was able to score. Even though it wasn’t a great cross, they didn’t clear it well and that led to Morris’ shot. Sometimes I think the US needs to let the ball fly more instead of trying to line up the perfect combination or perfect shot.

  3. Thought everybody put in a good shift, with the exception of Acosta, he was very disappointing. Also, his terrible pass (?) led to the CK that Jamaica scored on. Never should have happened.

    Really thought Nagbe and Arriola shined, also liked Villafana going forward. Amazed that Klinsmann never called him in. Omar was a rock in the back. Besides the goal, Morris had some good burst, unfortunately got beat for the Jamaica goal though. Motivated Jozy is a really good player. Bradley looks rejuvenated under Arena.

    Ultimately though, I’m not sure Arena got what he hoped for out this tourney, as it was the reinforcements that pushed the team over the top, while other players left wanting. But they got the job done and have a foot in the door for next Confed Cup, and some momentum heading into crucial qualifiers. Hard to complain too much.

    • Acosta was bad tonight your right. But he plays a position that is demanding in so many ways. Getting to play all these games will only help him going forward, remember he just turned 22!

      • Acosta showed me very little throughout the entire tournament. He was clearly overwhelmed by playing on a bigger stage. At age 22 we should expect a lot more.
        Zardes is not good. Please NO more.

    • Acosta was a sore spot for me as well… see the ability and his high IQ on the field but for some reason its not coming together the way we all hoped just yet but i think he will come good if he continues to get minutes. I too don’t think Bruce got out of this tourney what he wanted, which to me would leave the door open for players that havent necessarily been around the team a lot lately(D Williams, A Johannsson, etc) to get back into the picture. Bruce has been qouted as saying he has a good idea of who his top 44 players are in the pool, it’ll be interesting to see how this team takes shape for September and as we get closer to Russia.

    • In this game Arena had Acosta playing in a more forward role and I think he is more comfortable playing in the defensive mid slot. Similarly, Zardes seems to do much better playing on the left wing than on the right. I’m sure most of us have been in that situation before where we are forced to play a position we’re not used to. With your usual position you just naturally know where to go on the field and the game just flows a lot better for you. When you are out of position you often have to think about what to do instead of reacting instinctively. Then you are more tentative and less decisive.As for Villafana’s call up, Klinsmann was relying on Fabian to be left back and Villafana was only playing off and on his first year in Mexico (2016). I’m personally not ready to make him our regular LB.

  4. His goal was very similar to one he scored in Bosnia in a friendly about 3 or 4 years ago. And it was from close to the same spot on the field, too. Maybe I shouldn’t write this, but let’s hope he keeps healthy.

    • Definitely, I was thinking the same as he lined this one up… ‘will this be another monster jozy free kick, like against B&H a few years back…’

      great game for him!


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