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Report: Werder Bremen open to selling USMNT forward Aron Johannsson

A U.S. Men’s National Team forward may be set to depart his team in the coming weeks.

USMNT striker Aron Johannsson is reportedly ready to leave his Bundesliga club Werder Bremen in search of more playing time. Johannsson, who has been struggling to find time on the field after his return from injury, could be out in the next few days or weeks. The forward has previously been linked to a move to MLS.

“Aron has laid claim to playing, and we have always said there is competition,” Bremen sporting director Frank Baumann told German outlet Kicker. “Aron has said he will have to give thought to his future when he’s not playing. We’ll see what happens in the next days and weeks.

“Aron is a player who sparks interest from other clubs, but it’s up to him to evaluate what is of interest to him.”

While Johannsson is under contract through 2019, the team is reportedly open to selling him if he isn’t seeing the field. The team allowed him to play 90 minutes in a recent friendly, indicating he’s unlikely to see the field in the near future.

The 26 year old joined Bremen in 2015 from AZ Alkmaar, but has made just 15 appearances for the Bundesliga club, mostly due to a lingering hip nerve injury. He’s made 19 appearances for the USMNT, including time in the 2014 World Cup, and has recorded four goals.


  1. I would try the SPL. It’s a step above the MLS and MLS is over halfway done with the season anyway. Not only that he wouldn’t be able to choose his team in the MLS. Don’t they use some allocation draft nonsense for national team players ?

    • Sorry, Bob, but MLS would kill the Scottish Premiere League. Celtic and Rangers would probably hang out in the top half of MLS, the rest would die ugly deaths.

      Those SPL guys for the most part are SLOW, and they play some ugly soccer. In contrast MLS is now pulling in the top guys from across CONCACAF, from a good 4-5 countries that are rated ahead of Scotland even by FIFA’s very Euro-friendly ratings formula.

      Anybody who rates the SPL ahead of MLS is just a Eurosnob to a level that makes the rational shake their head.

      Yeah, we got a ways to go. But the SPL. Seriously?

      • yeah I’d have to agree with your take, the SPL might be a few levels below MLS at this point. Aron would be better served in my opinion going back to the Eredivisie, where he could find his scoring boots again and gain some much needed confidence.

      • Perry Kitchen was an all star in MLS yet struggled in the SPL.

        I think they are comparable leagues as far as quality. Too many league 2 quality players in MLS that bring it down. If there was no salary cap the MLS would be a better league than the SPL.

      • He didn’t “struggle” with Hearts. He dominated, got named Captain after just his first season…and then got benched when he came into conflict for whatever reason with the coach, which has baffled and mystified many.

        Not sure what happened there but his “struggles” were off the field, and assuredly not on it.

  2. If I’m MLS I’m DEFINITELY looking this guy’s way. He doesn’t cost an International spot, he’ll probably get you 20 goals a season, and he’s a polished, flexible guy who can play up top in a 4-4-2 or on the wing in a 4-3-3. He’s also seemingly a humble fellow who, coming from tiny Iceland, likely would not balk at going to a small-market team and he won’t insist on star treatment and going to someplace like LA or New York.

    If I’m an MLS GM, if he’s not #1 on my list he’s probably #1A. He’s a much better version of Chris Wondolowski and he can dribble, create, and make his own shot a heckuva lot better.

    • 20 goals a season? The last time he exceeded 10 goals was 4 years ago. I like the guy, but his career has been derailed for a long time. And with Jozy, Wood, and Deuce having locked the top 3 spots, he’s going to have time nudging Morris or whoever gets hot over the next 9 months.

  3. With the season two thirds over and the World Cup next summer why would he consider MLS? Assuming Johannsson is healthy and ambitious he needs minutes in Europe to get back on the USMNT radar.
    Again, when healthy he is a more complete player then Morris, Zardes, Agudelo, Dwyer, and could play well with either Altidore or Wood.

    • In MLS you could make a direct like for like case. If he’s out scoring those guys it won’t stop Bruce from calling him. Also could get him a look in a January camp. Perhaps could make a better case then playing in a second division or Scandinavia.

    • Wouldn’t be much different than Seattle bringing in Lodeiro late last Summer, with parody in MLS the addition of one player can put a team over the top. I’m not saying AJ is that as good as Lodeiro, but in the right situation he could certainly make a big impact. The question would really be how many MLS teams have the kind of money it would take.

    • Wow, do we still have posters on SBI who are this blind and biased? You must have minutes in Europe to be on USMNT’s radar!? Really??? Even Jurgen never said that or had such a rule.

      • I don’t think that’s what Twomile was trying to say. I think he’s saying that with 10-12 matches left in the regular season, and MLS 2018 not starting until March that isn’t a lot of time to make an impression or return to his previous form before Bruce would be making decisions for his roster. If he were to transfer to say Holland or lower divisions in England or Germany he would have 30 to 40 matches to potentially regain form and show his talent.

      • not likely at all….him being in contention would require presumably finding a club, getting minutes and shining brightly with those minutes. It’s hard to see all of that happening this season.

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