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Keaton Parks renews contract with Benfica

Keaton Parks has extended his contract with Portuguese giant Benfica an additional year, keeping the Texas-born midfielder in Lisbon until 2022.

Parks, 20, first put pen to paper with the Aguias back in July, but has flourished with Benfica B since, earning him a senior-team debut.

“I feel very good, I’m very excited to start a new stage at Benfica, to continue my walk here and to have my opportunity with the main team and the B team as I move forward,” Parks told the club’s TV channel.

The U.S. Under-20 player, who has scored and assisted twice in his 11 appearance with Benfica B, has been repeatedly training with the first-team throughout the ongoing season.

Parks is only the sixth American ever to register minutes in Portugal’s top flight.


  1. In bundesliga,has more american players,than the envy mexican comentarors,they gotta only two they never
    mentioned this in espn,nither fox sports,only of this country,well six in Portugal,and don´t forget Pedro Cainxina,the rangers coach,that changed a mexican for the prospect Emerson
    Hyndmanand send him to beaumont,this team never give him chance to play.
    The good Cainxina was fired for bad results,and knok whit Keaton Parks has another good
    who can shine

  2. Another reason we dont need Bradley anymore. Never say him once with Arena or JK though. Maybe this is why were watching the WC on the couch this year. Failure to bring in younger players that is

    • I get that its the popular thing now to bash everyone that played on that failed WC squad, but if anyone thinks that bringing in a bunch of younger players, that had never played in a WCQ in Concacaf would have assured qualification doesn’t get it! Would have been nice to see a few younger players possibly get their feet wet, sure, but it wasn’t to be so let it go and let’s move on!

    • Wow, how delusional can some people get? We don’t need Bradley because we have a 20-year old who played 11 games for Benfica B and 20 minutes for main team in a Cup game?

      Palmer-Brown played a lot more for Porto B. Does it mean we don’t need Brooks anymore?

      Everyone gets irrationally over-excited over anyone that is in Europe. For example, don’t you think it’s more impressive to be a real contributor for RBNY (Adams) than a part-time squad player for Benfica (not even including the 2-year age difference)

      • @Yevyenety — I don’t think we are comparing apples to apples. The City contract is not going have him play for them, he will be sent somewhere else first. Adams is a fine player but using his numbers with RBNY doesn’t prove he is ready to move up to a Benfica team. Benfica needs help, that is why they failed in the CL and need help. I’m almost certain Parks will play this weekend in a league game.

      • @Yevgeniy
        Parks didn’t play CL because he wasn’t registered. He didn’t play in the only league game (el Classico) since moving up because he played with the ‘B’ team, the next league game is tomorrow and the club is saying that he will start.

    • I would absolutely call in Parks over Bradley at this point. Bradley is on the wrong side of 30 and not even XI in MLS. Hes pointless.

      • @LouisZ
        Yes, EPB got a contract with Man City, a team that is much better than Benfica. Will he ever get on the field for them? Don’t know, but answering your question.

        I have no reason to believe that Adams would get more than 20 minutes in a Cup game. Parks doesn’t even make 18 each time. Yes, Benfica is a better team than RBNY, but not by so much that one of the better players for RBNY doesn’t project to 20 minutes in a Cup game for Benfica. In fact, they played last year and RBNY won.

        Look at their performance in CL. 0 points in a group with Basel and CSKA. I would actually be disappointed if RBNY could not at least tie one of the home games against those 2 teams.

      • @Bryan
        Yes, you would absolutely do that, but luckily you are not the coach. It’s borderline insane to even consider fielding a player that has zero minutes at a top flight (league minutes that is). If you want to start McKennie over Bradley, you are probably not improving your team today, but I would support as this is definitely a good move for the future. The guys has 3 months worth of great experience at least. But Parks – slow down!

    • The midfield looked much better without useless baldy against Portugal did it not? I get that Parks has no experience but i’m taking no experience over a completely irrelevant 30 year old who despite all his coach speak garbage has proven to be a thin skinned captain who was seemingly unable to get the players around him to elevate themselves and at least look like they tried to rise to the occasion.

      He should be DONE

      • My guess is that he will not be an automatic non-debatable starter going forward, but he is 30 years old, is considered the best defensive midfielder in MLS today with unmatched experience including 2 decent World Cups, scoring at Azeteca, 100+ caps, playing several years in top leagues. There is no way anyone rational discards him today.

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