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Report: Bastian Schweinsteiger gaining interest from Bundesliga

Interest in Bastian Schweinsteiger hasn’t gone away just because he’s joined Major League Soccer.

The German midfielder, who came over to play with the Chicago Fire in 2017, has interest from other clubs in Europe, primarily the Bundesliga, according to reports out of Germany.

“I only signed once for a year, because I wanted to see how everything is.┬áThe state of affairs is that I still have this contract, but I have nothing else and I’m open to everything,” Schweinsteiger said according to Bild.

According to the report, Schweinsteiger’s management has said there’s interest from the Bundesliga specifically to bring the 33-year-old midfielder back to Germany.

Schweinsteiger’s contract with the Fire ended after the 2017 season.


  1. A team just got a $25 million transfer fee for a player in MLS.

    And yet according to the first line, we need to be shocked that someone else has some undisclosed level of interest from a team for a different player in MLS?

    MLS is a real league now. Get over it. Either ignore it like many do, or get used to it. Don’t do neither like Rob and the other whiners.

      • Let me walk you through this s-l-o-w-l-y, Lil Bobby:

        MLS is often accused of being a retirement league. One of the so-called over-the-hill players, Schweinsteiger, has a pretty decent season in MLS, which draws interest from the Bundesliga, a superior league. This shows that it’s not only players who have run out of gas (or options) who come to MLS. Some, such as Schweinsteiger who was stuck on the ManU bench, just need a fresh start. He used his one-year stint with Chicago to garner interest from a better league. Everybody wins.

        Except you, because you spent the better part of yesterday afternoon trying to come up with a way to zing another poster. Except that you ended up looking like a prepubescent tool box with your idiotic comment, as always…

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