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Report: Omar Gonzalez considering leaving Liga MX for MLS

Since his move to Liga MX side Pachuca in December 2015, Omar Gonzalez has seen his role with the club take a hit.

The U.S. international made 45 combined league appearances for Pachuca over the 2015-2017 seasons, but has only made 10 so far in the 2017-18 campaign. A combination of muscular injuries and a drop in his play has seen Pachuca head coach Diego Alonso drop the 29-year-old in the centerback pecking order.

According to AS, Gonzalez is considering a move away from the Mexican side and would also lower his salary to find an agreement elsewhere.

Gonzalez, who made 180 appearances with the LA Galaxy between 2009-2015 knows a move back to Major League Soccer is a strong possibility with the new campaign set to kick off in a week.

FC Dallas have already tried to acquire the services of the centerback, but could not reach an agreement earlier this month. However, if Gonzalez lowers his salary demands then the Western Conference club is still a possibility.


  1. tam is starting to work its way to the back lines of mls, such as Atlanta united’s Franco escobar. defenders in mls will be feeling more pressure to keep their spots this year, i think.

  2. The same mistakes over and over have plagued this guy. I vividly remember that goal he gave up against Guatemala during this or last World Cup cycle. These are mental mistakes that prevent him from succeeding at higher levels.

    If you think it’s BS, then watch that goal he allowed against Monterrey in the final. Same old s***.

  3. Don’t blame you Omar….come and ride the gravy train, where you don’t have to fight for your spot, where you don’t have to maintain optimum fitness and risk injury, where you get paid heavily for past achievements and where people rally around (and are OK with) mediocrity….(Hint: they will pick you in MLS over someone playing in the EPL)…….so I don’t blame you one bit

      • Yup and responding to the guy that said “Michael Bradley was the best midfielder we had” or who argued that we had no one better than Altidore……yet its funny how a lot of our midfielders and strikers from back then are STILL advancing and maintaining their careers in top leagues around the world, while Sir Jogs-a-lot and Hold-up Harry are stagnant in a league were young talent are trying to leave or retirees are seeking to extend their careers.
        And yes Bruce Let me down, like a lot of people on here but he was handed a soup sandwich and didn’t have much room for error

    • MLS manager not be the player carousel that is Liga MX, but in today’s mls someone like Omar absolutely would have to fight for his spot.

    • This is where you read what you want to hear. I said Cameron would have been better served to play for Omar because he could have made a difference at CB whereas at DM he would have been left alone and had the same result as Bradley because Arena handed his players a “soup sandwich” by playing a formation that couldn’t match TnT and with no idea on how to adjust to a formation that could have countered it.

      • Says the guy last time I checked was on the “IN BRUCE WE TRUST” train too:
        “Arena picks the best 23 to 26 players that he thinks can help him win period. Just as JK did, and Bradley, and Bora and Sampson. You don’t get to be a national team manager without being a highly competitive person. Arena isn’t calling Chander or Williams or Feilhaber because he doesn’t think they are as good as the person in front of them.”….Johnnyrazor, september 5th 2017

      • I believe where that quote comes from was discussing with JoeDirt that Bruce wasn’t part of a vast conspiracy to choose players that MLS/SUM could market not that I necessarily supported the players he chose. I do remember saying that Bruce was the best option for the US at the time he was hired, but I was never on the In the Bruce We Trust bandwagon. If you remember I believe you and I had a discussion if Bob Bradley’s start with the USMNT was better than Bruce’s because Bob despite losing a game earlier in his tenure had more wins and against better opponents. Always a pleasure Bizzy.

      • Cameron should’ve been alongside Bradley, not in place of him. Cameron himself made the same point in his article on Players Tribune. This game was lost in midfield fellas, not defense. You know that.

      • True Gomer but I tried that suggestion with Bizzy a couple months ago, but he couldn’t get his head around that idea either.

    • It’s only important because we lost and Mexico and Costa Rica lost as well. Had we drawn or Mex and CR not lost it would have been completely unimportant. How many times have those three lost on the same day in qualifying in the last thirty years, my guess is not very often? Arena never thought CR and Mexico would lose so he trotted out his guys for a testimonial, this squad had won the GC and erased the qualifying hole he was going to give them their moment to celebrate. What was Arena’s greatest fault, apparently being really crappy at math?

      • Remember ESPN at th ebegining of the game? “Our ESPN SuperPredicter gives the USA 98% chance of going through the World Cup. We dont even have to consider the chance of not going. We are through!” — They drank some of Bruce’s KoolAid

      • That’s BA’s mistake then. He never should have DEPENDED on Mexico and Costa Rica to NOT lose.

    • One way of looking at it. Though I happen to agree with what Cameron himself said. Cameron should have been in the game as a second DM, not necessarily as a direct sub for Omar.

  4. Well, that kind of says it all. Bruce Arena’s starting CB for the nats had dropped to third or fourth on his club team in Mexico owing to poor form.

    Arena was very fond of fielding yesterday’s team, and it bit him. And us.

    Not sure Gonzo will find as many takers as maybe he should, either. Fair or no, that own-goal is going to linger in quite a lot of memories.

    • He didn’t get benched until January, still started Copa Mx Final and in matches at the Club World Cup. Not saying it wasn’t an idiotic decision just saying your connection is off.

      • Yes. He started in that final and cost his team the game by being badly out of position on the goal that was scored to win it for their opponnent.

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