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Trump asks African nations for support of United 2026 World Cup bid


President Donald Trump has spoken once again on the United States’ efforts to host the 2026 World Cup.

“I hope all African countries and countries throughout the world that we also will be supporting you, and that they will likewise support us in our bid along with Canada and Mexico for the 2026 World Cup,” Trump said while speaking at the White House next to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.

“We will be watching very closely, and any help they could give us in that bid we would appreciate.”

Most of Africa supports Morocco’s bid to host the event, as does Russia, Belgium, and France.

The United bid has the support from much of South and Central America, plus Saudi Arabia.

A vote for the host will occur at FIFA’s general congress on June 13. Each FIFA member nation will receive one vote.

Trump initially expressed support for the American, Mexican, and Canadian bid last week through a tweet aimed at American allies supporting Morocco. FIFA responded by reminding everyone of its regulations against interference from political figures in soccer matters.


  1. Classic DT. There are two options: (1) he is doing this intentionally to torpedo the chances of the WC in the US so that he can thumb his nose at the world and the sport of soccer when they award it to Morocco, because after all it is the world’s game and ‘Merica first means we play real man sports where you have to suit up in battle armor and ram your helmeted head into a brick wall at full speed or (2) in the words of R Tillerson, he is a total effing moron and he is incapable of appreciating the fact that running his mouth like this could lead to FIFA sanctioning the US for improper government interference in US soccer affairs. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that his advisers are telling him exactly that, and the fact that they are telling him that actually makes it harder for him to get the thought out of his one track mind which in turn has the opposite effect than the one his advisers intended. When will people learn that the real trick to getting DT to stop doing something is to distract him with something else? Preferably something bright and shiny … and with bunny ears.

      • N Korea got its way, thanks to the publicity it sought and to which DT obliged. Their image has be renewed. They are now a more powerful country than they were, therefore Kim is probably the political genius you’re referring to.

        Anyway, the president’s statements prove the the United States is too corrupt to hold a world cup.

    • I really don’t want him clumsily getting involved, because he’s out of his depth, but isn’t political/government interference in soccer usually domestic/internal, eg, the national dictator fires the minister of soccer because he didn’t like his tie at dinner? How is it “interference” to openly advocate for your own country’s bid when a transparent vote will be held later on? He can’t make them do anything……..

      • Yeah as Carl says below, its the veiled threat of withholding aid (this week’s comment is much tamer than the tweet from the weekend). Its government interference “we will be supporting you and they will likewise be supporting us in our bid” “we will be watching very closely”. If he’s trying to say vote for us or we’ll reconsider our aid package then its for sure government interference, of course, it could just be his awkward style when he tries to talk about issues he doesn’t really know much about.

    • Vote for us and you will get more aid than if you don’t! How is that not a bribe? I’ll be that Jack Warner (The corrupt Trinidad soccer official who was put in jail by our Justice Department as a result of the FIFA investigations) is laughing his butt off in prison!

  2. Seems odd to me that FIFA is holding the vote 2 days before the World Cup kicks off. Seems like it will take some of the attention away from the event, regardless of how the vote goes.

    And don’t tell it’s because of convenience because they will all be in Russia already. These FIFA people look for any excuse to travel and stay at a fancy hotel.

  3. You mean you want the votes of the s*holes? Ah perhaps we see now there are reasons other than political correctness to occasionally bite one’s tongue.

    “Will be watching closely” sounds like a veiled threat. I have little doubt FIFA has plenty of corruption still, but rubbing people’s faces in the idea you will watch them closely is not how to get votes. It’s preaching for choir consumption.


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