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Romain Gall scores, adds assist in Sundsvall victory


After a lengthy break from play, the goal for Swedish outfit Sundsvall on Tuesday was to get back to winning ways.

Headlined by their American winger, the team did just that away from home. Romain Gall scored and registered an assist in his side’s 3-1 victory over Sirius in league action.

Gall’s penalty kick in the 33rd minute leveled the score at 1-1 in Uppsala. The American stepped up and slotted in his fifth goal of the season to help his team head into halftime tied.

Gall’s strong performance continued as he assist to Linus Hallenius was slotted away in the 57th minute. Maic Sema would add a third later in the half to ice the second consecutive triumph for Sundsvall.

Sundsvall jump up to sixth place in the Swedish top-flight on 18 points.

Gall now has seven points on the season, one more than all of 2017. Up next for the 23-year-old is a showdown with BK Hacken on Saturday.


  1. These kinds of statistics should help end the notion that “anywhere in Europe is better than MLS” He couldn’t break through in MLS so he went to Sweden. Good for him, but the days of going nuts over an American scoring in Europe’s lower divisions should not be something that gets fans too excited. again, good for Gall, I hope he moves to a more competitive league and makes it there.

  2. Romain Gall (age 23) 6 goals in 11 matches in the 21st ranked league in Europe.
    Emerson Hyndman (age 22) 4 goals in 13 matches in the 25th ranked league in Europe for Rangers.

    • For realz. Most of these Euro leagues are just not good.

      “Making it in Europe” isn’t the big deal many portray it as. One of the top five leagues? Sure. Absolutely. Once you get past that, though, the quality plummets in a mighty big hurry.

      After the Top-5, it’s probably Brazil and Argentina, but then Liga MX is probably 7th-8th in the world and MLS isn’t far behind that.

      I remember I tried to watch a Swiss league game a few years back…it was unwatchable. Slow white dudes with limited foot skills and no pizzazz lumbering around in front of maybe 5K, if that. Mostly empty stadium. I honestly wondered how they paid their players a living wage, much less what they actually do seem to pay them.

      Those leagues are all just farm leagues for the big boys now, and they know it.

      • I think making it in Europe is different to everyone, how many USL players in the U.S. who excelled get the call from a European team in a better league? Easy to get seen when your over there and these lower leagues have ties to bigger clubs in the better leagues. If a player can hang around on a 2 bundesliga or a championship side for example I think that is better than staying stateside because of the chance of promotion and being seen. Its not the right move for everyone. But regarding Gall I think It was a bad situation and apparently there was some maturity issues he was having and maybe the move abroad has helped.

    • I looked 2600 attendance (not sure if that was paid or actual), but Siruis the home squad’s last three attendances were 6100, 2900, and 3500. They are in last place with 5 pts through 12 matches so I guess they don’t draw much on a regular day let alone a Wednesday night when the national team is playing. Kickoff was noon central time so maybe some came in after the Sweden match ended.


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