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Duisburg’s Joe Gyau scores first goal of season


Joe Gyau has been fighting for his first start of the season in the 2. Bundesliga. On Saturday he answered the call for Duisburg despite a home defeat.

The 26-year-old Gyau scored his first goal of the league season playing 69 minutes in a 3-1 loss against Regensburg.

Already down 2-0 after 13 minutes, Gyau gave the home fans something to cheer in the first-half. The midfielder’s right-footed shot from a Ahmet Engin pass found the high center of the goal.

It was Gyau’s first goal since last season when Duisburg earned promotion to the German second-tier.

A 78th minute penalty by the visitors sealed the comfortable win as Duisburg remained winless to start their league campaign. Duisburg (0-6-2) are bottom of the 2. Bundesliga and needing some positive results to go their way in order to move up the table.

For Gyau, hopefully his strong outing will lead to another start on Oct. 8th when Duisburg takes on FC Koln. He has two caps with the U.S. Men’s National Team.


    • Jann George #9 for the other team might be the better option. Both 26 George with 10 2Bundesliga goals in the last year and a quarter.

    • We are getting width at midfield. A bunch of average players with holes in their game widens the pool. Depth would be a bunch of players starting in top divisions and improving their games.

      • I don’t know who you are comparing us against, but certainly not CONCACAF. Pulisic, McKennie, and Adams are all very good and very young midfielders. They are going to be top players in about two years and we have another 3 or 4 who could be quite valuable by the time the Hex rolls around. Yeah, we’re not France, Germany, Spain, etc., but we should be comparing ourselves to our region, South America,Asia, etc. It’s unheard of for a team to go from not qualifying to winning the World Cup. But, with a good draw and some luck we could get to the quarter finals in 2022. You have become a real Debbie Downer regarding the USMNT.

      • Gary, I’ll give you that I’ve been negative but I’m trying to be realistic. CM is gaining depth wide midfield is a lot of hope and a prayer. We can play Weah and Pulisic there but both are really forwards not midfielders. That leaves you with do you play Adams, Acosta, and McKennie or Nagbe or Trapp and not have a distributor or play Green with A and Mc and have a true 4-2-4 with the two DMs having way too much defending. Is the midfield today better than 2014 or 2010, no it’s not. People are hoping it will be but they haven’t accomplished anything internationally yet.

    • @Gary Page
      France didn’t qualify in ’94, but won it in ’98, but I digress (it was on home soil too :D). With these young players coming in and playing at a high level, I agree we can reach the quarters with the right coach and system. If only we got a Roberto Carlos as a leftback. That’d be awesome.


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