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USMNT stays at 22 in FIFA rankings, France and Belgium tie for top spot


In the second post-World Cup FIFA rankings, the U.S. Men’s National Team stayed put at No. 22.

The U.S. played two games since the last rankings were released, losing 2-0 to No. 3 Brazil and beating No. 15 Mexico 1-0, which actually moved up one spot from its previous No. 16 ranking despite the loss.

The Stars and Stripes’ next pair of friendlies take place in October against Colombia, which stayed at No. 14, and Peru, which fell one spot to No. 21 after a pair of 2-1 losses to the Netherlands and Germany.

The top 10 teams remained the same; however, for the first time ever there is a tie for the No. 1 spot in the rankings. Belgium moved up from No. 2 to tie World Cup champions France atop the rankings after two impressive wins against Iceland and Scotland in September.

France beat Belgium 1-0 in the World Cup semifinals.

Here are the top 10 in the latest FIFA rankings:

1- Belgium
1- France
3- Brazil
4- Croatia
5- Uruguay
6- England
7- Portugal
8- Switzerland
9- Spain
10- Denmark


    • I like how our resident El Tri troller is the only person who has brought up the Miazga thing in the past 10 days. USMNT fans moved on a long time ago, Lil’ Bobby. But you and your short friends will cling to that insult for years…

      • the_french_one said: “Lil’ Bobby. …you and your short friends…”
        no personal attacks, please.
        maybe their are no moderators here? can we police ourselves?

  1. why don’t we put mice in charge of cheese? because mice love cheese. this is easy to understand, yes? fifa should not do these ratings themselves. an independent third party needs to do these ratings, lest the mice’s desire for the cheese might cause them to manipulate the ratings to get more delicious cheese.

    what is the cheese? fifa wants to cash in on another world cup in the usa, just like in 1994. and more than that, fifa sees the usa as the last place on earth where it can still sell messi and cr7 jersies; it’s an untapped soccer market.

    what is fifa’s plan? 1) fake these ratings. 2) the usa gets falsely seeded in a future world cup. 3) the usa wins world cup as a direct result of FALSE seeding and using var to give it extra goals. 4) the newspapers will not mention any wrong-doing by fifa. the public will not know much about it. 5) americans buy fifa world cup merchandise of every kind. 6) fifa ca$hes in, BIG!

      • the mice have a computer, so what? that changes nothing. the mice can program their computer to say anything, to do anything they want. the mice still want cheese so it changes nothing.

      • It is a standard formula, that anyone can see. Game results are put in and rankings change based on the set formula, they are not manipulating the formula each month to get the result they want. They did update it this Summer since Wales and others had figured out that by not playing matches they could actually improve their ranking. They also took out the unfair multiplier that gave a Euro or SA team more points for beating the same team that an African, NA, or Asian team beat.
        If FIFA wants the World Cup in the USA why did they sell it to Qatar? Also, all host nations are seeded automatically so you wouldn’t have to false seed the US in your scenario? Seeding only affects the group stage so how would false seeding help the US win the WC?

    • johnny_razor, good rebuttal! regrets, i don’t have time to investigate this further right now. maybe we can say you win this round? to be continued…


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