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Emerson Hyndman returns to Bournemouth following end of Hibernian loan


Emerson Hyndman had hoped to remain with Scottish Premier League side Hibernian to start the new year, after a positive showing in his recent loan.

However, Hyndman’s hopes did not come to fruition as he returned to EPL outfit Bournemouth on Tuesday after the conclusion of his six month spell in Edinburgh.

The 22-year-old made 17 appearances for Neil Lennon’s side this season, scoring once and making 12 starts. Hyndman’s current contract with Bournemouth runs until 2020 but a lack of fit midfielders could see the U.S. Men’s National Team attacker get into Eddie Howe’s starting XI.

Andrew Surman and Jefferson Lerma are the only pair of midfielders available for the South Coast club with the latter on the brink of a two-match suspension, having received nine yellow cards in the Premier League.

Hyndman has only made six appearances for Bournemouth since joining from Fulham in 2016, with his last coming in May 2018 against Burnley.

He also spent most of 2016-17 on loan with Rangers, where he scored four goals in 13 appearances in Ibrox.


  1. The paradigm, to me, is Greg Garza. He initially took the Traffic money and bounced around Europe on loans. His career took off when he got out of that deal and went to Tijuana and then Atlanta. He was a US U20. He did not magically become better. What he did was get in a probably less lucrative situation but where they were invested in him long term like they cared. Some of this stuff people tout, it’s like, wow, he’s in EPL nominally, but in reality he bounces around like a pogo stick, his development is stagnant or falling off, and the next class of kids is emerging in his place. At some point if the Big Club doesn’t care you need to land someplace where they do.

      • “A third-party owner of Garza’s player rights, Traffic never found a real resolution for Garza, leaving him to bounce around from trial to trial.” He played in 3 first team games before age 20 despite being going to Europe at 17. That he expresses nothing bad against Traffic does not change the fact that I used to point out him as a player MLS teams should sign because he didn’t deserve where he was stuck.

    • He never was loaned in Europe, and it’s doubtful he was in some big money deal with Estoril or the teams he tried out for in Scandinavia. Garza could be a cautionary tale about getting a trustworthy agent but when your point was don’t shoot for a big money contract it doesn’t really line up. He also had to battle for three years at Tijuana before he became a regular starter he didn’t magically get better upon arrival at his “less lucrative deal”. You also neglected the whole reason he signed with Atlanta was because of the reg changes that meant he no longer counted as a Mexican in LigaMx or that he had fallen out of favor at Tijuana after a failed loan move to Atlas and a long rehab from surgery on both hips. So again you had that he had a bad agent, he was a U20, and he played for Tijuana everything you got wrong. In the spirit of fairness I’ll amend it to “most” instead of “almost everything” is untrue. Also I just said what you claimed was false I did not in any way speak to your reputation or character so that’s not slander, the more you know.

  2. Hyndman is 22 and under contract through the end of the 19-20 season. He needs to find a “forever home” or he’s going to start looking like one of those YNT prospects that fizzles out to not much. He played some SPL games but they didn’t buy. I am not sure if SPL is even MLS level, or at least any better.

    • There was not an option to buy in the transfer contract that was arranged for 6 months. The transfer contract ended so he is returning as per the contract. This was always Bournemouth’s plan, Emerson showed well during the preseason, but showed some deficiencies that they wanted him to work on. If they loan him back out it before the end of January it will be because he didn’t improve in those areas, if he did you’ll see him in the 18 going forward, Cook and Gosling are out with injury for a significant time and they’ve made 14 combined starts with 25 total appearances so someone will need to fill their spots.

      • Are you really pretending that the absence of an express option to buy means a player can’t be bought? What that means is no first refusal, or no set price. You can bid like the rest of them. But the idea that most teams getting players on loan aren’t basically kicking the tires is naive. The problem here is he is “slumming” to a sufficiently lower league where if they don’t think he is incredible at their pay scale he is not worth the money. They don’t need solid players for millions of pounds. They need stars. So the gap between his EPL established value and his worth to a SPL team hems him in. He is worthwhile to them as a squad player on loan but if the salary and transfer fee are set by EPL standards he’s really out of their league. Kind of like Donovan in Everton. They are looking for bargains. I don’t think even marginal USMNT are bargains anymore.

  3. “Positive showing on loan” means squat if it is forever this cycle of being loaned out but then not acquired by the loan team, over and over, new team every year, people on here waxing optimistic and even citing the last loan’s success like he’s getting out of the loop. He gets out of the loop when his deal with Bournemouth terms out or he gets sold. Waste of time because every time one of these loan deals ends all that goodwill washes away, Bournemouth itself doesn’t care, and he goes through the same process of trying to impress a new coach all over. And apparently he impresses enough to earn a few modest words of praise but not enough to open a checkbook.

    • Hyndman’s salary is reported at 780,000 pounds, the average player at Hibs makes 87,000 pounds with the top end around 130,000, he would have to be scoring and assisting every week for Hibs to make that investment. Really only Celtic could come close to paying what Hyndman makes with Bournemouth, even the avg salary at Rangers 329,000 pounds is less than half what Emerson makes. It is not that a Scottish team wouldn’t want to buy him, they just can’t, so instead, they can take him on loan with Bournemouth picking up most of the tab.

      • No, they would pay the money if he was worth it. He isn’t. So it’s the gap between EPL cred and SPL squad player reality. I think he goes SPL because he knows he will play there but then if he doesn’t star they won’t buy. He could go to another league or lower English division but he’s trying to sell USMNT possibility by appearing to play regularly. So, the sort of risks normal players would take are out the window, because he wants to appear to be successful. If he wanted actual success he’d have them loan him to Championship or Holland or somewhere ambitious, or he’d ask for a release, but then he has to give up his high paycheck. It’s my theory the combination of paycheck and short termism gets in the way of success. They want the paycheck they aspire to even if it hems them in in terms of actual professional prospects. So he got out of Fulham to EPL, and doesn’t really play there, and gets loaned out to teams who don’t need a squad player quality guy at a star price. The ego and greed is half the problem. He’d be better off popping the balloon now and finding a secure home where he will play. Or he can become itinerant like Adu and fizzle out in his mid 20s when teams quit taking risks and won’t overpay for promise anymore.

    • Why? Plain and simple : salary, I believe he’s making between $ 1.1 and $ 1.3 million a year plus expecting to play in England premier.

      • Expect Hyndman to return to Hibernian or another SPFL side. His loan just ran out but like you said they have the whole month to make a deal and Neil Lennon knows Hyndman is talented. Made a lot of starts recently for them.

    • I see it as an Adu-like bind where he is esteemed enough as a prospect to be valued decently for salary and transfer but doesn’t actually play well enough where the next team wants to buy. EPL value, SPL play. A team in SPL might think he can help there on the field but they don’t want to pay EPL salaries and transfer fees to do it.


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