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Terrence Boyd signs with Toronto FC


Terrence Boyd is coming to Major League Soccer as a forward reinforcement for Toronto FC.

The 27-year-old American’s deal with the Reds became official on Tuesday.

“We are excited to welcome Terrence and his family to the club. Terrence is a player that we’ve tracked for years during his time with the U.S. National Team and in Germany,” Toronto FC general manager Ali Curtis said. “He is an experienced, attacking player that is capable of scoring goals in MLS. We’re looking forward to him joining our preseason and integrating himself into the group.”

Boyd, who has 14 appearances for the U.S. Men’s National Team, spent all of his career in Germany and Austria before making the move to Ontario.

Boyd most recently played for Darmstadt in Germany, where he made 47 appearances and scored five goals.



  1. Will Boyd be paired with Jozy or is he Jozy’s replacement? If Jozy leaves, Boyd’s production will be no where near Jozy’s because of the loss of Giovinco.

    Jozy has been at his best when he has a running mate up front, not when he is a lone target. i guess Toronto fans will see what Ali Curtis really knows about running a club.

    • We’re not going to see a Boyd & Jozy pairing in Toronto. They are basically the same player. Boyd was likely brought in as a back-up to Jozy to provide cover for….
      1) The Gold Cup. Jozy is likely to be on the roster and will miss 2-5 league games.
      2) if Jozy gets injured again. Having an exact replacement means they don’t have to change their style of play.
      3) Jozy’s contract is almost up. If they can’t renegotiate his salary they may need to move him during the Summer Window or else let him go on the free to whomever (still some interest in Europe).

    • If he is on a DP deal then heck yes. The reality is TFC missed the playoffs last year with its big 3. Jozy got hurt and all of their production fell off. The obvious response is I am not paying $15m plus to miss the playoffs. Gio was 30+ and Jozy will be 30 this year and had a knee. Boyd is a 9. He is not there to replace Gio. Jozy is next out the door and seemed to acknowledge as much over the holidays.

      • The real question is whether Boyd is any real replacement for Jozy. He’s never really produced so to me this is no Jozy.

  2. Terrence Boyd, Caleb Stanko and possibly Gedion Zelalem coming to MLS. This is awesome to see. US talent coming back and contributing towards our league rather than rotting on the bench of a third tier team or in a lower league in Europe. I hope Lynden Gooch, Quentin Westberg, Joe Gyau, Kekuta Manneh etc. would think about that too.

    • Return of guys like Boyd, Stanko, Gyau, & Westberg it makes since. They’re mid to upper 20’s and really don’t have options better than MLS at this point. For the most part MLS is their last chance to become full time players.

      Gooch just signed a new contract for a club pushing to return to the Championship. He’s a stater with the Black Cats so long as he’s healthy. If they gain promotion he’ll be a starter in a league at least as competitive as MLS.

      Zelalem maybe loaned to MLS to gain 1st team minutes, but I can’t see him singing here yet. There are too many leagues who’d be willing to pay more for his services if he can prove to stay healthy.

      Manneh is an odd situation. Purchased by a club in Mexico….couldn’t make the 1st team so loaned out to a low level European club in the hopes to recoup some of the contract $$$. MLS just wasn’t willing to pay enough to keep him.

      • The top end of MLS is better than the Championship.

        The bottom end of MLS is League One level crap. Teams like Colorado, San Jose, New England, and Chicago don’t even appear to be trying, and there is nothing “Major League” about their efforts.

        Personally I think it’s high time promotion and relegation started taking effect. As soon as the league hits 36 teams – which is going to be soon, the way it’s expanding – it needs to divide into MLS 1 and MLS 2 and start actually punishing the puller organizations for not investing in their teams…and I think you’ll start seeing MLS 1 increasingly start resembling a top-five league.

        Actually I think we could get there in five years if MLS and Liga MX formed a North American Premier League and allowed only the top ten teams from each league to play, but I think we all know that’ll never happen. Which makes me sad. As an Atlanta United fan I’d far rather play Club America or Chivas than San Jose, but hey, that’s just me.

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